Update on Lily and Maddison, the blind dog and her doggie guide pal

Lily and Maddison captured the hearts of dog lovers around the world.

Last fall, dog lovers around the world were captivated by the story of Lily the blind Great Dane and her companion Maddison. Lily became blind after doctors removed her eyes when she developed a condition called entropion and Maddison became her eyes to the world.

The dogs were turned over to Dogs Trust Shrewsbury in the UK when their owner couldn’t care for them. Their photo made the rounds on Facebook, until a family in Crewe, Cheshire, UK offered a home to both of these gentle giants.

And they lived happily ever after … well, eventually.

A reader alerted me to a BCC story from last November that said that Lily had been returned to Dogs Trust while Maddison remained in her new home. Oh no! So I contacted Dogs Trust for the whole story and they shared this update:

“Initially, Lily and Maddison found a home together, but there were some problems settling in. Both girls were returned to the centre to work with our behaviour specialists, and after extensive efforts it was decided that for their own safety and future happiness it would be better to rehome them separately. The family that had wanted to take them both was still very keen to be involved, and it was decided that the home would be best suited to Maddison.

Lily remained at the centre for just a few weeks longer and has now settled into her own home where she loves her walks and toys.”

Lily and Maddison were such great companions in their first home, but it’s not unusual for things to change when the circumstances change. Dogs aren’t robots; sometimes they just decide they don’t want to live together any more and there’s nothing that will change their minds. (I have two dogs who were great pals for six months, and then decided they detest each other.)

And maybe, from a spiritual sense, Lily and Maddison are exactly where they’re supposed to be. Two lovely dogs are blessings to two loving families.


  • C.T.

    Thank you for that information. I was greatly concerned when I first heard that those two were split up, but I am feeling much better about it with your investigation and explanation. Thank you for the follow-up!!

  • Dont matter

    I cant believe it! You seperated them dogs!!! Best friends. Wow leave it to humans to think they know wats best and fuck up another piece gods beautiful nature. Way to be a bunch of hypothical morons tryin to fix something that was never broke.

    • Herping the derp

      You’re an idiot. Hypothical? Do you mean Hypocritical?

      By the way, they can’t be together. Things were obviously broken here. Lily attacked Madison. So shut your mouth and read further before typing shit like that.

      • http://www.petnannynyc.com Pet Nanny NYC

        I did some research on the web to see what the whole story was. I didn’t want to just make a snap decision and I post news on my Facebook Pet Nanny NYC and my Twitter Pet Nanny NYC and I like to provide the “whole truth” if I can….well based on what the internet says. I too was very concerned when I initially read the two were broken up just after 3 weeks. But after doing some research and reading what happened, sad to say, maybe it is for the best. Everything happens for a reason-like it or not. But we weren’t there, so how can any of us make a snap decision.

        I know 3 weeks isn’t sometimes enough time for an animal to be re-homed and to adjust – especially one who is special needs – but seems like the proper steps were made. Going back to Dogs Trust Shrewsbury and enlist their rehabilitation efforts along with the efforts made by the newly adopted couple while back at Dogs Trust. I’ve heard of cats and dog behavior changing – where one would turn on the other or both fighting each other after the family or individual moved into a new home/apt. (these people pets living with their forever family, not a shelter – I speak of.). I am hopeful and will assume Dogs Trust/and the couple did everything in their power to help rehabilitate Lily’s changed state. Would an outside behaviorist/trainer (like Cesar Milan-I really like his methods of rehabilitating the dog, train the human.) be able to make a difference? I don’t know. There might have been some other contributing factors we don’t know about. A dog rarely goes from friendly and docile to red zone (attacking another dog) in 3 weeks without some reason/contributing factors. I too was invested in this story, loved the initial outcome-two dogs friends for life-one helping the other and they life happily ever after. In any event, they both see very happy in their forever homes as the report states. And I wish them both and the families watching over them peace.

        • Barbora

          Hey im sorry i dont speak very well. I wanna just now the Lily have new home ? Lily ist happy? Or she back to adobce?

  • http://simplyfahad-istic.blogspot.in Fahad Khan(@PharaohKhan)

    You know,I saw a picture of Lily and Maddison on Pinterest(It’s a social networking site,basically an online pin board,in case you are unaware) and decided to research a bit about them on Google.This is the latest update I found on them.
    Their story has definitely been heartwarming and very touching.I had initially heard about them a few months back on Facebook,and could not forget them.
    Thank you;I would share this on Pinterest.

  • Angel

    I’m really sad they could no longer get along after being life-time pals, hopefully it really was for thier best interest i do feel better knowing that they both have forever homes such a bittersweet ending!

  • crystal scates

    I think it is ridiculous to split up these two girls. I have owned, bred, and trained great danes for 12 years. I have had a multidane home for all these years and think I know a little about the breed and their temperaments. I have never owned two girls that didn’t get into a tiff now and then. Too often we forget that our dogs are still animals. Danes are so often discriminated against because of their size. If two chihuahuas had a disagreement one would bite the other on the butt and that would be the end of it. Danes however because of their size have a run in and everyone freaks out. Because they are so big it is intimidating, but it does not mean they cannot go back to living together peacefully. I really wish these rescue groups had more training, especially breed specific. I can almost guarantee the problem was from the change in environment. I really hope they are doing ok in seperate homes, but I think it was a big mistake to place them seperately.

    • Rachael Butz

      Do you have any idea at all what training the behavior specialists had? For all we know, because it doesn’t say, they were experts in animal behavior. How do you know they didn’t do a good job trying to get the girls back together and the dogs simply didn’t want to be around each other? Furthermore, if they’re happy separately, as the article states, what’s the problem?

    • diane

      It’s got nothing to do with the breed no ones being breedist sometimes dogs just don’t get on. For example two human females could live happily together where two different females may fight if they had to be around each other 24/7. Not every great Dane has the same temperament just like every other dog breed it all depends how they are brought up, you can have cuddled loving friendly Staffordshire bull terrier however you can also have nasty ones, not the dogs breeds fault, owners fault.

  • Jamie Coughlin

    People are upset because they were separated? So Madison should have been left in a home with a dog that could attack her at any minute? Sometimes dogs just “break up” and it isn’t uncommon with 2 bitches at all. It seems that they did what they could to mend fences and it didn’t work so homes were found for them that suited them. This is HARDLY a tragedy. Why would anyone think it is healthy to keep a dog where it would have to exist in a state of anxiety?

  • Jamie Coughlin

    They removed Lily’s eyes for entropion?? I hope there is more to that story, as in the eyes were damaged from years of untreated entropion because the condition itself is easily corrected by surgery.

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