Just another day at the Funny Farm (video)


Regular readers of my columns and personal blog (ie: my friends and family) know there’s a reason I’ve dubbed my house “the funny farm.” Not only do I write humor … it’s just madness over here. Disorganization, clutter and chaos. And that’s just me. Add in the animals and it’s a non-stop barrel of fun. (No, I don’t have a monkey, but that would be fun, wouldn’t it?)

So I thought you’d enjoy this little video I captured of our rescue pup Bailey. I think she learned this trick from the cat. (For the record, until I saw her in the sink, I had no clue she could even manage this little maneuver.)

Bailey is still looking for a home, but as you can see, it needs to be a special home that can work with her dog reactivity (she’s had serious problems with Bandit, but by now the problem is Bandit more than it is Bailey), her insane curiosity (we call here Dora the Explorer), and her never ending bag of tricks. This is one smart, agile dog who’s aced her training classes and can pick up tricks in seconds. I wonder if Cirque du Soleil is looking for canines …

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