Andy Griffith dies at 86 (video of The Andy Griffith Show episode, Dogs Dogs Dogs)


It’s with a heavy heart that Mayberry fans learned today that actor Andy Griffith passed away this morning at age 86. With decades of success on television and stage, to many Griffith will always be remembered Sheriff Andy Taylor, everybody’s loving father, the man who could handle any problem with grace and calm — whether it’s a quirky deputy or a son’s questions about life.

So what better way to remember Griffith today than with this episode of The Andy Griffith Show, “Dogs Dogs Dogs”, in which Opie brings home a stray dog. What parent hasn’t been faced with the questions, “Can I keep him? Please”? Oh that we all handled the situation with Sheriff Andy Taylor’s humor!

Rest in peace, Andy Griffith. The world is a better place because you were in it.

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