A rare full moon on the summer solstice

I could feel it: a full moon was imminent. Turns it’s a Strawberry Full Moon, a once in a lifetime occurrence. Read more

Animals, humans, and Yellowstone National Park

Animals in Yellowstone are just trying to live their lives without interference from humans who want to get a good photo for their Christmas card. Read more

A gorilla, a boy, and life in the balance

What transpires between man and beast when they come face to face and only one can survive the encounter? Read more

My birthday, Memorial Day, and Mars approaching

Today is my birthday; it’s also Memorial Day and the day Mars travels closer to Earth than it has in a decade. Coincidence? I think not. Read more

A belief in a God bigger than any book or religion

Whether Josh Grisetti actually met God or not doesn’t matter. He walked away from the experience with a bigger faith in a bigger God. Read more

Update on Lucy, the chicken with vertigo

I wrote that the vet prescribed antibiotics and rest for my chicken with vertigo. How do you put a chicken on bed rest? Read more

To kill or not to kill spiders

I stood there and pondered the spider nest, baby arachnids hatching and scurrying in every direction. Is it morally right to kill them? Read more

Taking my chicken to the vet, and other dizzying thoughts

This isn’t the first time I’ve taken a chicken to the vet. My friends think I’m cuckoo, but my chickens are members of the family. Read more

Groundhogs, coffin parts, and other cemetery surprises

While walking my dog in the cemetery, we came across a groundhog hole surrounded by casket handles and knobs, and pieces of rotted coffin wood, and a bone. Yes, a human bone. Read more

My dog eats a live bird (musings on animals doing what animals do)

My dog Bailey was just outside, just hanging out in the grass, enjoying the evening air. She’d been outside maybe ten minutes when I went out to bring her in and saw that she had something pinned to the ground…it was a bird. I called to her, she moved towards me, and the bird jumped away. Bailey went after the bird, pinned it, and let it go. It hopped, she pinned it again. When it flew up about a foot,… Read more

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