Check out a new documentary I wrote and edited

It’s a “making of” film about a new album called Songs for Justice. Produced in collaboration with International Justice Mission, the album was recorded in a weekend at Castle Röhrsdorf Studio in Dresden, Germany, which just happens to be owned by my friend Dave Krysko, executive producer of Hellbound?  The album features nine international singer-songwriters, including [Read More…]

When you reduce your position to a hashtag, it’s all over

Like many people in the progressive/emergent Christian community, I’ve been following the Tony Jones/Julie McMahon controversy for a few weeks now. As I’ve waded through the numerous statements, counter-statements and analysis of the same, I’ve found my opinion of the case flip-flopping several times. It’s to the point where the more I learn about this situation, [Read More…]

Sally Kohn almost gets it right–but gets it wrong in some pretty important ways

In a recent article on terrorism, Elizabeth Plank posted the following tweet from CNN/Daily Beast commentator Sally Kohn that almost nails our unhelpful propensity to caricature entire groups based on the actions of a vocal or violent few. I say “almost,” because Kohn is arguing that when it comes to Caucasians, the rules change. I disagree. Think [Read More…]

Just because something hurts doesn’t mean it’s the truth

I realize I take some swipes at various people and groups on this blog from time to time. In my defence, although I can come across as critical, that’s probably because I’m an idealist at heart, and anything less than perfection seems like a crime to me (which is probably why I enjoy book and film [Read More…]

The best response I’ve seen to “The Interview” fiasco

[Read more…]

Why so many white evangelical Christians are incompetent scoundrels

Writer Samuel Johnson once said that “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” To be fair, he wasn’t criticizing love of one’s country, he was criticizing so-called “false patriotism,” which was really a cloak for self-interest. By calling a selfish or aggressive act “patriotic,” it somehow becomes heroic. It’s an appeal to emotions in order [Read More…]

The most dangerous people in the world

We’re often led to believe that the most dangerous people on the planet are those with the least to lose, the gun-toting, suicide-bombing militants who will stop at nothing to burn the world down. I’ve think we’ve got it wrong. The most dangerous people in the world aren’t those with the least to lose, it’s those with [Read More…]

Two stories about Ebola–one that pissed me off and the other that made me proud to be human

The first story: Doctors in Sierra Leone are going on strike to protest inadequate medical equipment, primarily respiratory machines and vital signs monitors. They’re also alarmed that they have lost 8% of the country’s 120 medical doctors during the crisis (this to service a country of over 6 million people). As a result, one doctor said that she and [Read More…]

Why you need to read “Disarming Scripture”–it’s a matter of life and death

One of my favorite sayings attributed to Jesus comes from Mark 2:27 “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” If I can paraphrase this just a little, that pretty much sums up the central argument of Derek Flood’s excellent new book, Disarming Scripture: Cherry-Picking Liberals, Violence-Loving Conservatives, and Why We All Need [Read More…]

Looking for a Christmas gift for that “special someone”? How about a book on hell?

For a blog called “Hellbound?”, I don’t tend to write about hell very much. However, with the holiday season fast approaching, I thought I’d make a list of books that I tend to recommend the most when people ask me about hell. They are pretty much in order in terms of how frequently I recommend them, but [Read More…]

Guest Post from Jason Wiedel: Standing Up for Christmas

Jason Wiedel’s new book Persecution Complex: Why American Christians Need to Stop Playing the Victim addresses the persecution narrative embraced by many Evangelical Christians. The book is available for purchase here. Jason blogs at You can ready excerpts of Persecution Complex here. Every year the American Family Association releases the Naughty or Nice List. This is a [Read More…]

I love LEGO, but this video ticks me off

Right now I’m in the very early stages of a new documentary about the rhetoric surrounding fossil fuels, both pro and con. My resume already includes one documentary on this subject, but nearly four years have passed since it came out, and director/producer Mark Mathis and I think it’s time for a sequel. So right now, my spidey-sense is [Read More…]

Frank Schaeffer at his finest

Author Talk: Frank Schaeffer from PPLD TV on Vimeo. [Read more…]

Could Koalas be the key?

If only they’d been able to get the leader of ISIS to hold it, too. But the Islamic State guy looks pretty happy holding his flag.  [Read more…]