Frame or be Framed

Several years ago I worked on a documentary called spOILed, which takes a rather unique look at our relationship with fossil fuels. In the film, we argue that contrary to what we’re told by the anti-oil industry (a.k.a the environmentalist movement), fossil fuels are the cleanest, safest form of energy ever discovered, and that anyone who [Read More...]

A good introductory video for those who think non-violence is unthinkable and impractical

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Hermann Goering was right about at least one thing…

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Who was Harold Camping? This new documentary should refresh your memory

Harold Camping was the Christian radio broadcaster who issued multiple failed predictions of when the End Times would begin, making him famous and generating millions of dollars. Now a new film called Apocalypse Later: Harold Camping vs. the End of the World has just been released that documents Campings rise and fall. Filmmaker Zeke Piestrup had [Read More...]

Teach me how to treat you

I have four children, ages 6-14. Two boys and two girls. I absolutely love being a dad, a development in life that caught me completely by surprise, seeing as I had no desire to have kids, and the first baby I ever held was my son Huw the day he was born. But being a [Read More...]

Why violence is the perfect solution to every problem

Simple: It demands the least of us in terms of both compassion and creativity. Rather than sacrifice our time, resources, rights or comfort in an effort to resolve a conflict, violence allows us to foist the total cost of a conflict onto our enemies. Think of it as the fast food of conflict resolution. The [Read More...]

David French needs to read some MLK

In a recent blog post, David French, Senior Counsel at the staunchly Zionist American Center for Law and Justice, argues that in the face of violence, Pacifism… is nothing more than compelled helplessness… [it] is thus the worst possible response to attack, not just tactically and strategically stupid in secular terms but also a direct abdication of a [Read More...]

How do you react to news of atrocities?

This question came up today as I read this Gospel Coalition article that questions the reports of ISIS beheading children in Iraq and then placing their heads on pikes. I reacted instinctively against this story the first time I heard it; not because I don’t believe people are capable of such behavior but because it reeked of a much [Read More...]

Victimhood: a double-edged sword

As Stephen Pinker argues convincingly in his book The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined, our sensitivity toward victims has increased substantially over the last several centuries, leading to a drastic reduction in violence. By way of example, it’s practically impossible today for any government, organization or individual to act in a discriminatory, aggressive [Read More...]

Perhaps violence isn’t so black and white after all…

To kill one man is to be guilty of a capital crime, to kill ten men is to increase the guilt ten-fold, to kill a hundred men is to increase it a hundred-fold. This the rulers of the earth all recognize, and yet when it comes to the greatest crime–waging war on another state–they praise [Read More...]