Check out a new documentary I wrote and edited

Check out a new documentary I wrote and edited February 12, 2015

It’s a “making of” film about a new album called Songs for Justice. Produced in collaboration with International Justice Mission, the album was recorded in a weekend at Castle Röhrsdorf Studio in Dresden, Germany, which just happens to be owned by my friend Dave Krysko, executive producer of Hellbound? 

The album features nine international singer-songwriters, including Brian Doerksen, Sarah Brendel, David Ruis, Lothar Kosse, Judy Bailey, Norm Strauss, Stephanie Heinen, Bene Muller and Noel and Tricia Richards, among others. You can buy it now for just ten bucks, and all proceeds go to IJM, whose mission is to protect poor people in the developing world from violence.

I first heard about the project when Dave contacted me to say he had had someone film the process. Would I like to take a crack at cutting something together? After wading through hours of footage, shot by the amazing Jan Vozenilek, I managed to pull together a fun, 22-minute piece, which you can watch below.

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