Jalaluddin Rumi Quotes & Poems on Life, Love & Death

Here are some of the best quotes and poems from the famed 13th-Century Sufi mystic, Maulana (also spelt as Molana) Jalaluddin Rumi - the founder of the order of whirling dervishes, who are largely concentrated in Konya, Turkey today. Sufism has much in common with Indian and East-asian spiritual traditions. Rumi himself considered India to be a destination of great spiritual importance, and his teacher Shams, is thought to have spent some time in India.Let's take a look at some sublime … [Read More...]

101 Famous Nelson Mandela Quotes to Inspire & Motivate

Nelson Mandela is one of the heroes of the modern age. An icon of freedom and the epitome of forgiveness and statesmanship, he is a larger then a life figure in today's world. Here are a few wonderful quotes from this eloquent and charismatic man who led South Africa through its freedom struggle and first years as a democratic nation. The Best Nelson Mandela Quotes We are not anti-white, we are against white supremacy. […] We have condemned racialism no matter by whom it is professed. - While e … [Read More...]

101 Inspiring Swami Vivekananda Quotes to Fire Your Spirit

Before we get to Swami Vivekanada's quotes, lets learn a little about him. Swami Vivekananda is one of India's most inspiring human beings. He wrote extensively about a range of subjects that dealt with the human predicament. He was one of the wisest men of the last few centuries and is widely credited with revitalizing Indian nationalism and the Hindu way of life, with the guidance of his Guru, the mystic Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Here are 101 inspirational Swami Vivekananda quotes from his … [Read More...]

Diwali Festival: History, Rituals and Celebrations

Diwali, like its predecessor Durga Puja, Dussehra or Pongal, is not really a single festival, but consists of a succession of celebrations extending over a number of days; but, unlike Dussehra, the Diwali celebrations are different in form and bear different names from day to day.The order of the Diwali series is as follows Narak Chaturdashi, Diwali proper, Jamghat and Bhratri Dwitiya. The Dussehra obervances are all grouped round a common centre, whereas those of the Diwali shift their … [Read More...]

Unconditional Love

We need to understand that what is considered as love is generally a mutual benefit scheme. “You give me this – I give you that. If you don’t give me this, I don’t give you that.” This is not said but it is done.Human beings have physical, psychological, emotional, economic, social, and various other kinds of needs. Instead of making ugly transactions in the sense of “You give me this – I give you that,” we bring some aesthetics and beauty to it by coating it with a certain amount of sweetnes … [Read More...]

5 Good Parenting Tips

Thought I would share this post from Isha.#1 A Child is a PrivilegeIt is a privilege that this child – this bundle of joy – has come through you and arrived in your house. Children are not your property; they do not belong to you. Just see how to enjoy, nurture, and support them. Don’t try to make them an investment for your future.#2 Let Them BeLet them become whatever they have to become. Don’t try to mold them according to your understanding of life. Your child need not do wha … [Read More...]

Navaratri Sadhana – Receiving the Grace of the Goddess

Navaratri is a nine-day festival that celebrates the divine feminine. It began on September 25 and will end on October 3. I thought I would share a wonderful process I came across from the Linga Bhairavi Temple in Tamil Nadu, South India. It is a sadhana or practice for those who wish to connect with Devi and experience her Grace at home. The sadhana is to be practiced on each of the days starting from September 25 till October 3. I'm a little late in putting it up I know, but better late than ne … [Read More...]

A Note on the Khajuraho Temples

People frequently misunderstand what the Khajuraho monuments are about, so I thought it apt to quote from Srinivasachari's note on temples, now in the public domain.No up-country traveller can afford to miss the Khajuraho temples which are among the most beautiful sanctuaries in the Gangetic Valley. Khajuraho or Khajurapura was the famous capital of the Chandella dynasty, which flourished in the tenth century and is celebrated in the songs of the poet Chand. It is in the heart of Bundelkhand … [Read More...]

The Significance of Ugadi

There is a certain significance to Ugadi[1] being the New Year, and not the first of January, in terms of what is occurring in the planet and in the human physiology and mind on this day. Ugadi follows the lunisolar calendar, which has a direct connection with the way the human body is made. The Indian calendar is very significant not just culturally but scientifically because it connects you with the movements of the planet.Chandramana[2] Ugadi is the beginning of a new year as per the … [Read More...]

योग ध्‍यान

कर्मयोग : योग में स्थित होकर करें अपना हर काम कर्मयोग दो शब्दों को जोड़कर बनता है – कर्म और योग। हमारा काफी समय ऑफिस या घर पर काम करते हुए जाता है। अपने कर्म को योग बनाने के लिए हम क्या कर सकते हैं। ... और पढ़ें योगासन : क्या लचीला शरीर मन को सुखी बनाता है? योग ध्‍यान, योग रहस्‍यSeptember 13, 2015 योगासन : क्या लचीला शरीर मन को सुखी बनाता है? योगासन शरीर को लचीला बनाते हैं। क्या योगासन के अभ्यास से मन भी लचीला बनता है? क्या शरीर के लचीलेपन को देख कर हम किसी के मन के बारे में अनुमान लगा सकते … [Read More...]

Lord Shiva the Rockstar God!

Wild locks of hair stream in the breeze. Half-closed eyes stare ahead in an unbreakable trance. His body is poised, executing an inimitable dance move. Nope, it’s not Steven Tyler or Mick Jagger in their heyday, it’s Lord Shiva from the Hindu pantheon of gods. Smoker, drinker, dopehead and wildman, Shiva is the quintessential god who breaks away from the norm. He lives by his own rules in the deep forests and mountains, dancing, meditating and generally doing whatever the hell he wants.It isn … [Read More...]

हल्दी के चार अनूठे लाभ

#1 शरीर की शुद्धि के लिए हल्दीहल्दी आपके खून को साफ करती है और आपकी ऊर्जा को निर्मल बनती है। हल्दी सिर्फ आपके शरीर पर ही काम नहीं करती, बल्कि यह आपकी ऊर्जा को भी प्रभावित करती है। यह शरीर, खून और ऊर्जा तंत्र की सफाई करती है। बाहरी सफाई के लिए अपने नहाने के पानी में एक चुटकी हल्दी डालें और इस पानी से नहाएं। आप पाएंगे कि आपका शरीर दमकने लगेगा। #2 सर्दी जुकाम दूर करती है हल्दी जिन लोगों को सर्दी के रोग हैं और हर सुबह उन्हें अपनी नाक बंद मिलती है, उन्हें नीम, काली मिर्च, शहद और हल्दी का सेवन कर … [Read More...]

Celebrating Navratri and Dussehra 2017: Garbas, Webcasts & More!

Navratri 2014 is being celebrated from September 25 to October 3, with October 3 being the final day of Dussehra or Vijayadashami. Navratri is preceded by Mahalaya Amavasya, also known as Pitru Paksha, which falls on the first new moon or Amavasya following the autumn equinox, and is dedicated to one's ancestors. Various processes are conducted to help us express gratitude to the generations that preceded us, and in many ways are the reason we are here today.Navratri  begins immediately af … [Read More...]