Religions are Rivers of Life


“Religions are like rivers: they all flow to the same sea.”
― Elif Shafak, The Forty Rules of Love

The religions are like rivers great and small.

Most of them lead to the ocean.

They can be treacherous and rocky. They can be downright polluted in places, constrained and shackled by artificial Riprap.

They can be downright polluted in places.

They can be constrained and shackled by artificial Riprap by human beings who do not trust the natural flow.

But each river has its own unique ecology.

Each has rapids, creeks, trickles and great oxbow bends.

Some even dry out before they get to the ocean.

Some draw water from millions of miles and bring it in great gulps to the sea.

Why stand on the shore watching when you could jump in and catch a ride?

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