Mark 13: Lasting Words

Words matter. In fact, down the road in life much of what we remember are words, good or bad, spoken to us by those closest in our lives.

In Mark 13, Mark records Jesus saying, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”

The Son of God again communicates His equality with the Father by stating His words are eternal. What He spoke then speaks to us today, as a comfort, a guide, and at times a warning for how we live in light of eternity.

Interestingly, we live in an age where many English-speaking people have several Bibles, yet read its words very little. With Twitter, Facebook, e-books, text messages, emails, and the myriad other forms of hyper-communication available, eternal words from Scripture are often neglected.

There is a value to the breaking news of our day; there is a much more sacred value to the good news of Jesus.

Maybe instead of reading the newspaper on the way to work or checking out CNN on our phones while in line for coffee, we could pick up a few lines from Jesus in the Gospels or read the Bible from or one of the many wonderful apps offering Scripture on the go.

(As a reminder, I’m personally handwriting every word of the New Testament this year, one chapter every weekday. Maybe you could consider joining me!)

Words are important, but only the words of the Lord last forever. Let’s take some time to read them, and live them, today.


Dillon Burroughs has written, co-written, or edited over 60 books, including the upcoming devotional work Thirst No More (October 2011). He served as an associate editor for The Apologetics Study Bible for Students and is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. Find out more at

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