I’ve just finished handwriting through Psalm 117, the shortest chapter in the Bible. From a handwriting perspective, it’s refreshing in comparison with some of the longer chapters earlier in the book. Yet it’s words offer several points of impact that endure still today. First, the Lord Is the Focus of Life The psalmist urges readers to praise God and to “extol” him, honoring his name. While it is easy to make life about us and what we want, our focus… Read more

I’m currently handwriting Psalm 105. After more than 100 chapters of handwriting, I am still in the same book with over 40 chapters to go. The process has included many ups and downs. As I’ve considered what I’ve learned, four observations emerge that can inform our faith in any area of spiritual growth. First, the Psalms cover the wide range of human emotions. Most churches fully embrace the Bible’s teachings on encouragement, giving, and love. Few highlight the agony of… Read more

The recent “Dreamer” immigration battle in U.S. government continues to elicit strong emotions from Christians of all backgrounds. Pelosi quotes the Bible to support her Democratic view, while wall-supporters argue security is of utmost importance. One interesting observation is the use of the Bible by those who hold views across the spectrum on immigration. What does the Bible really say about immigration? The Old Testament is clear about providing care to what translations often call “foreigners.” The Torah based this… Read more

John Crist mocks the stereotypical “Bible quoter” lady in his video “Lady who has a Bible verse for every situation”: However, this lighthearted piece does bring up a more serious question: Does the Bible really have a verse for “every situation”? A close look reveals both the reality and the limits of this approach. The Reality First, the Bible is a huge book. It includes 1,189 chapters and 66 books, making it an anthology of writing from the history of… Read more

When I first began handwriting Scripture, a major factor was to grow closer to God. One surprising benefit, however, is how handwriting the Bible has improved my prayer life. Let’s face it: praying can be hard work. It’s easy to fall asleep praying at night and lose focus praying during the day. But praying as I handwrite Scripture forces my attention on a small set of words at a time. For example, I am currently working through the Psalms. As… Read more

The new feature-length film from the American Family Association (AFA, www.afa.net) called “The God Who Speaks,” bringing together the most celebrated apologists, writers, speakers, authors and thinkers, is debuting today, Feb. 1. Those featured in the film lend their experience, research skills and God-given talents to present answers to some of the age-old questions about the Bible. “The God Who Speaks,” produced by American Family Studios (www.americanfamilystudios.net), a division of AFA, is a powerful 90-minute documentary that explores the evidence of the Bible’s inspiration and authority through… Read more

I’ll admit it: coffee helps fuel my Bible handwriting. Yes, this is a spiritual pursuit led by God’s Spirit. It’s also a lot of lonely work. Caffeine helps. In handwriting the Bible the first time, I was still in my “stop by Starbucks every morning” phase of life. I usually order a grande coffee, estimated at 330 milligrams of caffeine. So let’s do the math: 330 milligrams times 899 days equals 296,670 milligrams or 296.67 grams. This is nearly 10… Read more

I finished handwriting the entire Bible for the first time in 2013. Since then, I have slowly plodded away at my second attempt. Here is a brief update. After some breaks of several months, I am now closing in on my final four books of the Old Testament–Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. The good news is that I am down to four books. The bad news is that these four books have more chapters than the entire New Testament. Earlier… Read more

In the stories I’ve collected of modern-day people who have handwritten Scripture, a biblical passage that is often noted is Deuteronomy 17:18-2o that reads: 18 When he takes the throne of his kingdom, he is to write for himself on a scroll a copy of this law, taken from that of the Levitical priests. 19 It is to be with him, and he is to read it all the days of his life so that he may learn to revere the Lord… Read more

“Why?” That’s the first question I usually receive when someone discovers I handwrite Scripture. I have often given short answers about growing closer to God or knowing the Bible better, but I haven’t taken time to more seriously reflect on the reasons behind my little experiment. Until now. As I’ve considered some of the motivations behind my handwriting of the Bible, five reasons have emerged. Now that I’m well into my second time of handwriting the entire Bible, maybe some… Read more

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