Mark 14: Do What You Can

Mark 14 includes one of my new favorite sentences in the New Testament. In verse 8, Jesus responds to the criticisms of those spoke against the woman who had poured an expensive jar of perfume on Him.

His response? “She did what she could.”

You ever feel like nothing you do matters? Perhaps this woman felt the same way. In what may have been her one and only chance to appear before Jesus, she decided to go “all or nothing.” She gave her most valuable possession in the most humble way she knew.

Christ’s response? Appreciation.

Did you realize Jesus actually appreciates when we do all we can to serve Him? We always wish we could be more, do more, or “something” more, but it is what we actually do that God sees and appreciates.

I’m convinced more than ever that Jesus does not look down from heaven at those who follow Him and shake His head in frustration. When we devote our efforts and our lives to Him, He looks at us as He did that woman who “did what she could.”

Know you are appreciated. God knows what you can and cannot do today. Do what you can.


Dillon Burroughs has written, co-written, or edited over 60 books, including the upcoming devotional work Thirst No More (October 2011). He served as an associate editor for The Apologetics Study Bible for Students and is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. Find out more at

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