John 19: It Is Finished

The crucifixion of Jesus reminds us of the great pain he endured in this life on our behalf. Betrayed by one of his followers, turned over to the government by his own people, and sentenced to death though innocent, Jesus ended his earthly pilgrimage with the darkest hours of his life, filled with pain, completing his final breaths with the words, “It is finished.”

This phrase in John 19, “It is finished,” serves as a potent lesson that even those who walk closely with God will not escape suffering in this life. If Jesus, the Son of God, bled and died in horrific pain in his final hours, can we honestly preach that those who trust God will prosper in this life? This false prosperity gospel rings hollow and weak when compared with the death of our Savior and the martyrdom of his apostles in the years that followed.

Rather, “It is finished,” from the lips of Jesus reminds us that even the worst points in life serve as part of God’s transcendent plan known only to him. Our greatest losses do not escape his knowledge; instead, he looks at us in love both in times of joy and sorrow, peace and war. We may lack understanding of the pains we endure, but we must understand we do not struggle alone. Our Savior, Jesus, struggled as we do and lived through this struggle as part of God’s plan.

He was perfect, he is our example. Let us live through the struggles of our day as he did, turning to God until we each come to our own finish.


Dillon Burroughs is the author or co-author of numerous books and is handwriting a copy of the New Testament in 2011 at Find out more about Dillon at or

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