Remembering Mac

Mac died today. Mac is short for Judah Maccabee.  He was the boys’ Hanukkah present in 2008.  A leopard gecko who ate crickets when he was young and mealworms when he could no longer catch the crickets.  He had been declining for quite a while now and it came as no surprise to find him [Read More...]

Who knew?

Several times this week, I heard myself telling someone that I love homeschooling.  If you’ve been reading this blog since we began last September, you’re probably surprised to hear this. Not as surprised as I am to say it.  Six weeks ago, I wrote that I actually like homeschooling.  Now I’m here to say that [Read More...]

Not Right At All

After hearing us talk today about the tornadoes that swept through the South yesterday, the boys wanted to see video of a tornado.  Jeff pulled up a montage from The Times.  After a few minutes, Ezra, who looked disappointed, said, “I want to see screaming, and people running for their lives.” I gasped and shouted, [Read More...]


Got up with the flu this morning.  But I had to drag myself out of bed because Jeff had jury duty, the house cleaners were coming, and the house was cyclone-struck disaster. I started in our bedroom, where I rolled up the sleeping bag and camp mats that had been out since Zach and Ezra [Read More...]


Yesterday, I told the boys that one of their friends ran a mile – which was all they needed to hear.  Today they both ran a mile for the first time. As part of our vigorous exercise program, they have been running once a week, working toward the goal of running a mile before the [Read More...]

It’s Nice To Be Known

Sometimes the boys say the sweetest things. On the way home from his social skills group today, Zach showed me a book he made about his feelings.  When he showed me a page about feeling nervous around new people, I said, “Yeah.  I know it’s kind of hard for you to go to a house [Read More...]


What is it about a man in uniform? So sexy. At least that’s what I thought.  Until I saw Jeff, after working hard to obtain the rank, raise his right hand, make the oath, and receive his badge.  Maybe it was that he was becoming a Junior Ranger at Redwood National Park.  Maybe it was [Read More...]