When you are practicing a combination of relaxation and concentration techniques and your mind becomes completely still—even for a brief period of time—that is meditation. Read more

Nurturing a mature type of selfless love can pave the path to world peace. Read more

Everyone who complains that they don’t have enough time has fallen under a spell of mass hypnosis that must be broken. The truth is… Read more

The spiritual path can be beautiful and uplifting but there are also pitfalls one must be aware of. Here is a partial list of things to look out for. Read more

If you’ve ever said that you don’t have time to meditate, read this. Read more

To get a better understanding of the causes and effects of stress, read this comprehensive and integral definition of our common frenemy. Read more

In order to reach the meditative state, one must prepare the mind with concentration exercises. Read more

Constructive critiques are future-oriented. Here are two simple guidelines if you are asked to give feedback, a review, or a critique. Read more

The contemplative approach to faith is for intellectual adherents who often feel like they don’t belong in the realm of religion and spirituality. Read more

According to Huston Smith, followers do not want what other people think they want. His definition helped me understand those who’ve chosen that path. Read more

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