In Defense of Men

With new sexual harassment allegations coming out at a dizzying rate, let us not apply the aggressor role equally to all men. Read more

Hope and Harmony in Austin

Hosted by the Muslim community at Riverbend Christian Church in Austin, iACT’s 33rd Thanksgiving service and celebration was cause for hope. Read more

Who Will Hear My Critique?

It is easy to critique and throw insults. However, if you want another person to hear you, it is probably wise to take another approach. Read more

Why Are You a Spiritual Seeker?

Knowing why you seek will impact the intensity, duration, and outcome of your spiritual practice. Read more

The Million-Dollar Interfaith Question

It is a question asked by critics and advocates alike and, while there are no easy answers, there are integral answers. Read more

Flatland Yoga

In yoga, the spiritual dimension has been edged out. The yoga community must ask itself whether or not it wants to bring it back. Read more

Can You Wrestle a Pig Without Getting Dirty?

Why self-described spiritual people have mostly stayed out of politics and why it is getting increasingly difficult to stand on the sidelines. Read more

Forgiving Your Religion

They may not deserve it, but you do. Plus, forgiving isn’t necessarily what you think it is. Read more

From Body to Mind to Spirit

Don’t know which spiritual practice to invest in? Explore the pros and cons of several spiritual disciplines with an experienced seeker. Read more

See Me As Spiritual!

In this column, I am sharing humbling personal stories and general examples about the trap of wanting to appear spiritual to others. Read more

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