In a world where the only constant is change, few religions seem to have a built-in system that allows them to change without diluting. Read more

It was heartbreaking when I had to explain to my fifteen-year-old son that a number of people don’t ‘believe’ that global warming is real. Read more

If we want to create social harmony, we must approach the task like an art form where initial talent needs to be supplemented with practice. Read more

Whether you are religious or spiritual but not religious, personal experiences provide the most direct access to the spiritual realm. Read more

Many spiritual and religious movements discourage intellectual pursuits, but the struggle seems to be an important precursor to many spiritual insights. Read more

A new initiative provides an opportunity to learn theological and ideological bridge-building techniques and support a good cause at the same time. Read more

Spiritual writings often criticize the world, but (we) spiritual teachers could probably learn a thing or two from the scientific community if we want our teachings to have more integrity. Read more

Dialogue is the foundation of democracy. Let us reignite the tradition of respectful dialogue about politics and theology in social circumstances. Read more

What is the best path forward for a person like me who wants to have a positive impact and work towards a more harmonious society? Read more

You don’t need to believe that human beings look like traffic lights in order to appreciate the practical psychology of the chakra system. Read more

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