Using Experifaith for Dialogue

The Experifaith model can facilitate unique intrafaith, ecumenical, and interfaith dialogues. Read more

Does Religion Equal Division?

There seems to be an easy answer to this question but there is more to it than meets the eye. Read more

Solitude: A Reflection

During an interfaith discussion about solitude, I refined my understanding and realized that there are at least three types of solitude that I value. Read more

The Moral Aspect of Taxes

Every tax debate has moral implications. We pay taxes to maintain a civilized society but we also pay taxes to fend for the vulnerable among us. Read more

Spirituality: A Definition

The word spirituality can create either clarity or confusion depending on its definition. This definition is for clarity. Read more

Cherry Picking from Eastern Mysticism

An example of how picking one thing from Eastern mysticism without considering the entire philosophy can backfire. Read more

A Continuous Stream of Gratitude

The only complaint you may have if you try this experiment is that there will not be enough time in the day to give thanks for everything you encounter. Read more

In Defense of Men

With new sexual harassment allegations coming out at a dizzying rate, let us not apply the aggressor role equally to all men. Read more

Hope and Harmony in Austin

Hosted by the Muslim community at Riverbend Christian Church in Austin, iACT’s 33rd Thanksgiving service and celebration was cause for hope. Read more

Who Will Hear My Critique?

It is easy to critique and throw insults. However, if you want another person to hear you, it is probably wise to take another approach. Read more

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