New Fixtures

With the proceeds from a wedding, a funeral, and a couple of published articles, we purchased new light fixtures for our living room and kitchen.  This was not an impulse buy. Since I’m preaching abundance, simplicity, generosity, etc, in this holiday season, I’d like to qualify that I’ve wanted to replace these features since we moved into our home, nearly 3 years ago. So, we did not just go on a Home Depot spree on a whim. I took advantage of this extra income, (and the fact that Jeremy was having one of his periodic feng shui attacks, wherein he not only cleans like a madman, he also moves all the furniture. i’ve learned this is the time to engage him in any home improvement project i’ve got on my wish list. and i know he never reads this, so i can share my strategy. shhh…)

Anyway, not much of  a profound spiritual insight here; a small change in your environment can make a big difference in the overall feel of the space. any small change can have a big effect. But when you change something to do with the light, the transformation becomes something bigger.

Granted, i don’t much like the new “daylight” bulbs we’re experimenting with. They give the room a kind of post-apocolyptic glow, not quite worth all the energy efficiency in the world. But the fixtures…well, who knew that the mere casing of the light could change everything it illuminates, transforming the very air around it?

In this season of gratitude and abundance, what holds your light? From where do you shine? What’s the casing that the people around you witness? Remember, it is not merely decorative.

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