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Spirit Time

I've lived in Phoenix for 4 years now, so I should know better...but I still see "August" on the calendar and start thinking fall. I start thinking new backpacks and good t.v. and new clothes and cooler weather. All those things we associate with fall, even if fall is still a long way off.  In the valley, fall (such as it is) is even farther off than it might be in other parts of the world. What you'd think I would have learned by now is that August sometimes signals the worst of the summer heat … [Read more...]


I'm thinking about embodiment this week. I'm studying the Colossians text about...well, who knows what it's about, really. Some of Paul's letters tend to go on and on, and i have the attention span of a two-year-old these days. ( I can make that comparison, because i live with a child nearly that age, and we are functioning at many of the same levels lately...) Most simply, Paul reminds folks, yet again, to put aside false gods, pagan practices and other things of a physical nature, because … [Read more...]

Carry-On Kids

I have seen something else under the sun:        The race is not to the swift        or the battle to the strong,        nor does food come to the wise        or wealth to the brilliant        or favor to the learned;        but time and chance happen to them all. --Ecc.9:11Call me crazy… but, I am going to Europe this summer. Why’s that crazy? you ask… Wait for it. When I go on this trip, I will be 5 months pregnant. I will also have an 18-month old in tow. Now you’ll agree that I’m out of my … [Read more...]

Fixing Hair and Chasing Bears

For how many of us do questions of who we are and what we do have ultimately the same answer? How many of us get to be who we are in the daily-ness of that which we do for a living?  To put it another way...for how many of us is our vocation--our true calling--the same set of gifts for which we receive a paycheck?Some fields readily imply that one followed a calling and a set of gifts to find themselves there: doctors, nurses, mental healthcare providers; teachers, counselors, social workers; p … [Read more...]

To Everything…

Did I forget to mention? He is risen!Like many pastors I know, the day after Easter is a very special day. While the week leading up to the holy day is a time for deep meditation, the day that follows is a time for deepest vegitation. This year I went above and beyond my usual post-holiday couch potato state, and went to another state entirely--Nevada. More specifically, Vegas.While there is a great deal to "Do" in Vegas (for better or worse) what my spouse and i most enjoy doing on these … [Read more...]

What’s So Good About It?

We've said it before, we'll say it again...what's possibly "Good" about this dark day? in the Christian tradition, this is the day on which we mark Jesus' suffering death. We explore stations of the cross, or hear reflections on his last words. Silence, darkness, acts of God that shake the ground beneath our feet... however we mark the day, it's difficult to find a goodness in it.I suppose I could google "Good Friday" and discover what tradition led to it's naming. Wikipedia is great for that. … [Read more...]

written in the sand

I'm still on grace today. When Jesus intervened and prevented the angry mob from stoning the adulterous mary m, something in the universe shifted. Fear and judgement no longer won by default. Another voice hung in the air that day. We don't know what it said, but we know it as a voice of mercy that meant to change us forever.What did Jesus write in the sand? As the temple officials accused him of not knowing the law, he knelt down and calmly traced some words in the earth.  They kept hammering … [Read more...]

Another Song About Grace

We love to sing the song. But do we get it? That grace could save "a wretch like me?" Truth is, most of the time, we really do not feel all that wretched. Let's face it, most days we feel pretty proud of ourselves. Because no matter what we have done, we can always say, "at least I'm not like..." followed by a host of sin and sinners that make our small offenses pale in comparison. It's a great song. Grace is amazing. But for most of us, it's an amazing song that we feel compelled to sing to … [Read more...]

Dis-what now?

Yikes. You know it's been too long since you've blogged when you can't remember your dadgum password. My profile does not remember me, either. The whole thing is moving slowly. For that matter, so am I.Discipline. What a gross word. Free association...go!  I'm betting the first words that come into your head are things like spanking, grounding, cleaning, dread, worry, fear, denial, deprivation. Punishment. Not fun, any of it. For the parent or the child, the kid or the grown-up.If you … [Read more...]