A Blankedy-Blank Preacher

Let me tell you about the worstest sermon I have ever preached. I would venture to say it was possibly the worst sermon ANYone has ever preached, but …we know that’s not true. At least my rotten sermon didn’t do actual harm to people.That said, it didn’t do any good either. It was about 3 years ago. I had just come back from maternity leave after having my second baby. Right around the time I went back to work—my husband and I both got this nasty upper respiratory infection that hung around f … [Read more...]

Good China, Good Sleep, and Sexpectations: 10 Truths from 10 Years of Marriage

We are celebrating 10 years of marriage this month. 10 years, 2 kids, 1 dog, 2 cross-country moves, countless road trips, several bad hair cuts, more than a few miscommunications, and more West Wing marathons than we’ll ever tell…Just to be clear: my marriage is not perfect, nor do I pretend it is on Facebook; I don’t parade it through the sanctuary as the ‘life as it should be’ lesson, and I don’t claim the ability to fix people who are struggling. However: I’m a pastor, and I hear a lot abo … [Read more...]

A Bully is a Bully

Today millions of people are wearing (or facebook posting) purple, in support of GLAAD'S "Stand up Against Bullying" effort.More and more folks are getting on the ‘stand up to meanies’ of band wagons these days. Since the evolution of the Trevor Project, more non-profits, celebrities, schools and entire communities are committed to this same message: stop being mean, meanies. And, if you are NOT a meanie, learn how to, you know, say stop.Thing is, gone are the days of a bully = big kid on … [Read more...]

Runway Gospel and Gunn’s Good News

I’m back! A big thanks to all the wonderful guest bloggers who filled this space with fresh insight, wit and wisdom while I was in transition. I’m settling in to my new office and getting to know my new church folks, and learning what God looks like on the prairie. And I want to tell you all about all of that, but there’s another big event this week that’s on my mind and heart, and if it’s not on yours, it should be… That’s right, it’s time for the season finale of Project Runway!!!!W … [Read more...]

Batting Clean-Up

Guest Post by the Rev. Courtney RichardsWhen looking for a concise, well-researched, thoughtfully cultivated, reviewed, evaluated, and measuredly logical source of information, one can do no better than Wikipedia.(One can do far better than Wikipedia.)As a recently connected but quickly enthralled reader of Erin’s work (and drawn to common orbit along a remarkably strong ‘friend of’ force field), I was … beyond ‘flattered,’ really; what’s the word for about six levels past that? … whe … [Read more...]

Good Game, God Game

Guest Post by Kent SomersWe sportswriters gather around our subject, recording devices held at the end of out-stretched arms, waiting for an explanation, an observation, a quote -- anything that will entice people to read the other 700 or so words in our stories.And sometimes this, or something like it, comes.“I’d like to thank God for putting me in position to make that touchdown/tackle/winning shot.” Or maybe, “we have to accept that this loss/injury/disappointment as part of God’s … [Read more...]

Three Parables

Guest Post by the Rev. Brandon Gilvin “The Christian life is a continual process of death and resurrection ... When I trip over something I think I know ... or God disrupts what I think I know ... if I choose to stay in community, then I see God's grace fill in cracks of all our brokenness."--Nadia Bolz-Weber“Fiction is the privileged path for the redescription of reality.”--Paul RicoeurMark 5:41She was the second child baptized in that swimming pool, right after her twin … [Read more...]

Five things I wish you wouldn’t assume about my daughter’s adoption…

Guest Post by Kara Foster 1. That I am filled with pride every time you tell me that my daughter looks like my husband or me. When we sat down with our adoption agency, we checked the box that said we were open to a child of any ethnic background.  It was not a decision we made without much thought and consideration. I read all kinds of information on being an interracial family and parenting a child of a different ethnic background.  I bought an “adoption rocks” t-shirt for our one day child a … [Read more...]

The Dangers of Preaching about Fat Jesus

Guest Post by the Rev. Kory WilcoxsonEvery Wednesday morning, I lead a Sermon Talkback at our church. The purpose for the participants is to delve deeper into the previous Sunday’s sermon and ask questions that were raised or share insights gained. The purpose for me is to find out what worked, what didn’t, and what people heard that I didn’t even know I said. Yes, it can be as scary as it sounds.A few weeks ago, I opened up the floor for feedback on the most recent sermon. “So, what were … [Read more...]