I’m with the Nasty Women

imgresI’m with the nasty women for lots of reasons! I’m reading John Caputo’s The Weakness of God. I love this: “Suppose, in addition, Jesus said that the sinners would get priority seating in the kingdom, that there was some kind of preferential priority, not just for the poor, which in a way is “fair,” but for the wicked, which is not fair. If he did indeed say, “the tax collectors and the prostitutes are going into the kingdom of God ahead of you” (Matt. 21:31), that would have added fuel to the fires. That would indeed constitute a certain madness, as Derrida would say, an act of forgiving that utterly jettisons the demand for a reason for forgiveness, which inserts forgiveness into the poetics of the impossible…” (p. 220) So yes, I’m with the nasty women, a certain Jesus madness!

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