Trinities and Tooth Fairies

Last week, I did double duty because Real Clear Religion deputy Nick Hahn was having his wisdom teeth yanked out. I explained to him that he wasn’t allowed near the website and even ordered him off the Internet for several days because we didn’t want him inventing some new “Vicodin-based religion.”

That was a joke, of course, but it turned out to be a whole lot closer to the mark than I could have guessed. When he came to after the operation, Nick was extremely loopy and loquacious. He saw that one of the teeth that had been extracted had three prongs or three points or somesuch and decided to delve into the theological significance of the numeral.

Nick said, “Look at that, three! I could tell you a lot about the Trinity! I’m a theologian!” and continued on in that vein for quite some time.

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