Ridiculously Retro

OK, I’m going to cross my fingers and hope this works. The Believer‘s new music issue is a serious experiment in the limits of retro. How serious, you might wonder. So retro that the music comes to us by way of a cassette tape. Fortunately, my silver Subaru sedan must be the last vehicle in the developed world that still has a tape player. One song in particular stuck out, which I will now attempt to use to play you out for the week, dear reader. Here is the band Great White Jenkins covering the Carter Family number “Where Shall I Be.”

Goliath doesn’t stand a chance
Wah Wah Wah Economy
Mountain Goats Are Back!
Who Is James Bond?
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    Jeremy, enjoyed this post. Loved the gritty, real sound of the music. Thanks for sharing. For a totally different change of pace, check out selection 3 (“Thou, Oh Lord”) at http://www.theruppes.com/