The Mind of Romney

I used my piece in the Real Clear Politics Sunday afternoon update to try to get at Mitt Romney’s mind by way of his vice presidential pick, Paul Ryan. There’s a lot there that is of only passing interest to religious readers, and a bit that is very relevant. To wit:

On the related subject of demography, consider these four facts: a) Romney carried Catholic voters in most GOP primaries; b) a recent Pew poll showed Catholic bishops have managed to move the needle slightly with Catholics on the question of religious liberties; c) Team Romney has decided to make this a campaign issue; and d) Ryan is a serious and articulate Catholic.

Expect quite a few more vice presidential pieces by your diarist between now and the election. I avoided all the veepstakes speculation because a) it bored me; and b) my expertise in this area is not odds-making but history. Now we’re pretty well locked in to who the vice president could be next year and so I, as the world’s most living expert on the vice presidents, have something to say again.

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