Good Old Fashioned Democratic Hate Speech

Why is it that so many literary folks, who have fine judgment when it comes to books, are raving lunatics when they write about politics?

Today’s exhibit is Paul Constant, books editor for the Seattle alt weekly The Stranger. His name is an almost (excuse the pun) constant presence on Real Clear Books. But then he turns to writing about politics, and his IQ plummets like a rock.

In his feature write-up of the Republican and Democratic conventions, Constant begins by complaining about all the stuff that went wrong on his travels. This morphs into complaints about Republicans and then to some disturbingly violent fantasies and then back to complaints. I’ve highlighted some choice bits:

Maybe it was all the negativity of the Republican National Convention [that caused his troubles]. I’m talking about negativity both from the Republican speakers onstage — at times, it felt like the secret meeting of a virulently anti-American organization on the eve of their attempted coup — and from inside me. There were brief, fleeting moments (like when I’d hear someone sputtering about our Muslim president or feminazis) when I wished violence to befall all of us, when I wanted a torrent of switchblades to fall from the sky and reduce us all to slick red ribbons, or a pack of feral, blood-red Dobermans to spring from beneath the sidewalks and drag us all, screaming, back below the hot, sticky tar. You simply can’t hate at that temperature and intensity for too long without the hate taking some sort of external form, like a festering boil or a cut that never heals or every inanimate object within your reach devolving into useless plugs of ugly gray-black plastic that no landfill will ever be able to fully digest.

  • Niall Mor

    Why Jeremy, he’s just displaying some of that famous “tolerance” and “diversity” that Democrats are so justly famous for. This is the same “tolerance” that brands even the slightest opposition to gay marriage as “hate” and opposition to abortion as a “war on women.”

  • Paul A’Barge

    Do him a favor. Fulfill his fantasy.

  • Dr. Deano

    Not speaking as a doctor, I’d be inclined to believe that either someone switched his meds for placebos or he should be medicated but isn’t…

    He’s just a bit too graphic, with more than a few too many words dedicated to his descriptions of gore and savage death.

    There is something not right in his psyche, but there is definitely something ‘Left’…

  • M. Report

    Where is Nurse Ratched when you need her ? No, seriously; This is typical of the loathing of reality
    on the far Left, and, not coincidentally, among muslims. Call to prayer: ‘The World is a carcass !’

    Heh. Comic book art imitating life: At the end of the Avengers, a defeated alien invader reports
    to his master: ‘To attack humans is to court Death.’ Master smiles slyly, for that is his secret wish:
    To court Death personified, whom he has long worshiped from afar.

  • Derek Rishmawy

    Well, that’s nice and sane.

  • K

    Mr. Lott needs to get out more. Maybe even take in some different POVs. He reminds me of a Bull Conner Democrat listening to Dr. King. Integration? Oh the horror!

    • ccoffer

      It “reminds” you only because you have the intellect of a bug.

    • richard40

      So you think a violent incoherent leftist rant talking about killing everybody with razor blades is equivalent to a MLK speech, and Lotts objection to it equivalent to Bull Connor. Maybe it is you that needs to get out more.

  • Rich K

    I’ve been to Seattle and it will do that to ya if you stay too long.Best advice,grab a Starbucks and hop back in the car,board the plane or skip over to the train station but for gods sake,leave often.

  • the wolf

    Someone should tell Constant that Thorazine can work wonders.

  • Tim

    As a Jesus follower and a DEM, much love to you brother. When I pray “our Father” I’m asking God’s love, daily bread, forgiveness, and compassion to come to all people. I want to have a soft heart towards those who vote differently, not a hard heart like Pharaoh.

  • Jeremy Forbing

    Constant’s piece is hard to take seriously. But does anyone, on either end of the political spectrum, ever see these kind of overwrought screeds and wonder, “Is my side actually doing anything wrong, that we inspire this kind of outrageous reaction?” Because both Right and Left get these crazy rants directed at them. And if mild respectful criticism doesn’t do it, and if sheer emotional panic doesn’t do it, is there anywhere along that spectrum where the concerns of those who disagree with us actually make us re-examine our opinions or how we fight for them?

  • humanterms

    Is this a classic case of projection? The speakers at the Republican Convention were an amazing array of Americans who told wonder-filled stories of their journey, and in many cases their parents’ journey, to success in this country. Work hard, dream big, build a better future for you and your family.
    Where was the negativity? Other than in this guy’s head?

  • Marty

    That man needs help.

  • Greyhawk

    All under a headline inspired by Orwell. What to make of that?

  • RebeccaH

    Normally I’m pretty tolerant of everybody, but I couldn’t help but visualize this tirade as being accompanied by a limp-wristed flapping of hands.

  • Mark LaRochelle

    This guy “wanted a torrent of switchblades to fall from the sky and reduce us all to slick red ribbons,” and he says speakers like Condi Rice, Artur Davis, and Mia Love “hate”? Projection, anyone?

    Oikophobia — ask for it by name!

  • JWnTX

    It’s always so sad to see how the left projects so much of their pathology on Republicans. As angry as Republicans are about the unconstitutional excesses of this President, Republican elected officials have gone out of their way to try to seem civil and respectful. What the Democrats want is for Republicans to properly prostrate themselves before the President and talk about what a great guy he is. Otherwise, they’re “hateful racists” spewing God only knows what goes through the lefties’ minds when they hear criticism–it doesn’t come close to anything resembling reality. Like this idiot–he saw a typical political convention and tries to characterize as a Klan meeting. It’s pathetic.

  • Maggie Goff

    The hate is inside that poor man. We should all pray for him. Can you imagine what it’s like living inside that mind?