No Habla! Americano!

Your diarist was a sluggard getting to church this morning and thus had to go to the Spanish language Mass in Bellingham. Very few Anglos were in attendance: the priest with his fluent but imperfect Spanish and yours truly (“no habla… what’s that other word?”) and that was about it.

I have been christened an honorary Mexican by my actually Mexican cousins due to my general demeanor and my tolerance for extremely hot food, so you’d think I could do a better job at least understanding the language. Put Spanish journalism in front of me and I can hack my way through much of it, with a little help from a dictionary. But I’ve never developed an ear for it.

There were moments during Mass today when I was pretty sure I caught the gist of it (“El cuerpo es importante, muy importante!”) yet they were pretty brief. Maybe one of these days, when I get some free time, I’ll buy the Rosetta Stone’s Spanish lessons and bone up. That would make it muy easier to sleep in on Sunday mornings.

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  • Stan L

    Having access to Spanish speaking congregants and services is the best way of learning the language short of living in a Latin country for awhile. That’s how I became fluent. I already had a background courtesy of high school, but it was participating in a Spanish speaking congregation and the fellowship which helped me really learn the language. The computer course won’t hurt, but attend the services and socialize with some of the congregants. They love it when one of us “gringos” really want to learn their language. ¬°Buena suerte!

  • perro

    Don’t waste your money. If you have a Spanish TV station in range, find a spanish novela (soap opera), set the closed captions so they show in Spanish and watch it every day.

    At first you won’t get much but little by little it will come to you. And besides Spanish novelas are very entertaining, and the women are unbelievable! Find one that says “Telemundo Presenta” at the beginning. That means it was filmed in the USA using “neutral Spanish” a simplified version of the language.