What Happened to Randy Newman?

Veteran musician Randy Newman has just released the new satirical song “I’m Dreaming (of a White President)” that has your diarist, frankly, baffled beyond belief.

It’s terrible. Newman sets out to mock a certain kind of nostalgic white American chauvinism and then rabbittrails off into an explanation for what happened to all the would-have-been African Einsteins. They were eaten by lions!

Seriously, watch as much of this video as you can stomach and then scroll down for more comment:

YouTube Preview Image

Newman’s latest song is particularly awful set against some of his previous triumphs. Take “Political Science,” a satire so good it actually merits the descriptive “Swiftian.” Give that a listen right now:

YouTube Preview Image

In “Political Science,” Newman got himself right inside the heads of a large number of Americans. He made the case, from their perspective, for something horrible and thereby warned them not to go there.

In “I’m Dreaming,” he doesn’t even try to understand. He caricatures and thereby condemns. This doesn’t even work as effective propaganda. Why in the world would he release such an awful song?

  • varados

    Quick, run….it’s a thought crime….aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Dan

    Maybe because Newman, like millions of other Americans, believes that a lot of white Americans wish for a time when African Americans, Hispanics and other of color knew their place in America, when they were quiet, submissive, and in the shadows so that the right people–whites–were dominant, the majority, and ran everything. Just an observation.

  • Mitzi

    No Dan, you haven’t made an observation, but rather a hateful speculation. Where are all these millions of racist people who want to go back to that segregated time? Are they the same folks that voted for Obama? He wouldn’t have won without the white vote though, so maybe not. I don’t see them rioting in the streets in hate or anger, so tell us where you have “observed” them. You have judged and condemned millions of people with your own self rightesous accusations, I suppose to mke you feel good about yourself The song is arrogant and mean spirited, as I have observed.