Why I’m Voting for Bob Lott

I was at the usual Sunday night thing the other week. A relative newcomer found out that I worked for a sister site to Real Clear Politics. We bantered a bit, then he tried to pin me down politically.

“Who are you voting for for president?” he asked.

“Bob Lott,” I said. “He’s even got the perfect slogan: Bob Lott, Why not?”

“No, but seriously…”

“I am serious,” I cut him off. “We don’t elect a president via the popular vote, we use an electoral college to elect a president and that’s winner-take-all. There is no chance Washington state will go for Romney and so I get to vote for the guy I actually want to vote for, my dad.”

I cast a ballot for Dad in the last presidential election and actually endorsed him in the American Spectator. Technically, the Spectator is not allowed to run endorsements, but they decided that only applies to actual candidates.

This time around, I had a few Bob Lott buttons made up and left one on the counter at my parents’ place when they were out. They look like this:

So tonight, as I’m sitting down to do Real Clear Books, I get a text from the old man. It reads “Bob Lott, Absolutely not.” And that’s why I’m voting for him.

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