Our First Gay Ex-President?

Over at Politix, David Mark has some fun with Andrew Sullivan’s latest freakout, this time over the possibility that our first gay president might not, in fact be cruising toward reelection.

Mark reminds people that Sullivan was recently “a ‘Trig-truther’ — questioning the paternity of Sarah Palin’s youngest child.” I’ve always preferred “afterbirther” as the appropriate conspiratorial taxonomy on that one, but it raises the same basic point that I’ve wondered about for the past few years: How does a guy this nutty get taken seriously?

That’s not a rhetorical question, by the way. If anybody out there has got a good answer, I’d like to hear it.

Andrew Sullivan

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  • Thomas R

    He is well-educated and, for a time, was in that narrow world of “openly gay conservatives.” Also his biases/conspiracies are often about “Christianist” and that fits biases entertainment and media sympathize with. Lastly he’s British, I believe English, and some Americans still have a bit of a tendency to think English people are more sophisticated so long as they’re not soccer hooligans or something.

    Still I hope not many take him that seriously. (I followed his blog with some frequency until Obama ran for President)