The Bestseller That Never Was

In the Huffington Post today, I write about my new short free e-book Mitt Romney’s Mormon-Christian Coalition. (Get it for no dollars and zero cents right here, folks.) It grew out of an earlier project that never got off the ground called The Case Against Mitt Romney.

It is one of the great disappointments of my life that that book never found a publisher, despite quite a lot of effort. It would have been used by critics of Romney in the Republican primaries and in the general election. Because of the nature of the book, as I explain in the HuffPo piece, it also would have been a good resource for his defenders.

There is an element of randomness in what makes for a hit, but it would have had the best chance of anything I’ve ever written in making all the relevant bestseller lists. At least I was able to salvage some of that project and knock out a quickie e-book. Hope y’all enjoy it.

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