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Have a Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhain!

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What will you do once you know?

images from the Robin Wood Tarot Last Saturday I went to the RE Halloween Party and did Tarot readings. I wasn’t sure what to expect, reading Tarot for a bunch of skeptical UUs, but I had no shortage of customers – I read for about 90 minutes straight (which is rather exhausting!). The readings went [Read More…]

Uncharted Territory

Here comes another bit of personal introspection that I feel the need to share. Please bear with me… Recently when I was working through a book on developing intuition, I found myself in the woods on the small farm where I grew up. At first, I interpreted the woods as a symbol of Nature and [Read More…]

Samhain, the Veil and the Five Whys

One of the main tools of Japanese manufacturing is called “Five Whys.” If you have a problem, ask “why?” five times. By the time you get to the fifth level you should be past all the symptoms to the root cause, which you can then fix. I didn’t need an engineering degree to tell me [Read More…]

Samhain Circle, Saturday November 1

I hope those of you in the area will do your best to be there – it’s going to be awesome. Click on the image to see a larger version of the flyer. [Read more…]

Divine Retribution? Maybe So…

We’ll return to the regularly scheduled Samhain series shortly, but I want to repost a rant from the DMN Religion Blog. An evangelical Christian suggested that our current economic melt-down is a result of America’s “lack of obedience” and corrupt churches. You can read the whole exchange here if you like. I got a little [Read More…]


It’s October and Halloween will be here before you know it. Yes, I’m busy getting ready for Samhain (and I’ll have more to say about it later this month), but I also enjoy feeding the trick or treaters. First, if anyone reading this blog doesn’t know what Samhain is, or if you still think it’s [Read More…]