Have a Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhain!

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What will you do once you know?

images from the Robin Wood TarotLast Saturday I went to the RE Halloween Party and did Tarot readings. I wasn’t sure what to expect, reading Tarot for a bunch of skeptical UUs, but I had no shortage of customers – I read for about 90 minutes straight (which is rather exhausting!).The readings went much more smoothly than I expected. The cards seemed to speak to me – I pointed out details that I rarely notice when I’m reading for myself. I found trends, patterns, and correspondences, and most of t … [Read more...]

Uncharted Territory

Here comes another bit of personal introspection that I feel the need to share. Please bear with me…Recently when I was working through a book on developing intuition, I found myself in the woods on the small farm where I grew up. At first, I interpreted the woods as a symbol of Nature and the Divine in nature, and later as a sanctuary. But as I dug deeper, it became apparent that in these images, the woods were a symbol for the new, the unknown, the unexplored – uncharted territory.That was the … [Read more...]

Samhain, the Veil and the Five Whys

One of the main tools of Japanese manufacturing is called “Five Whys.” If you have a problem, ask “why?” five times. By the time you get to the fifth level you should be past all the symptoms to the root cause, which you can then fix.I didn’t need an engineering degree to tell me that’s a good idea. My mother would tell you I was asking “why?” from a very early age. Some of that was challenging rules I didn’t like, but most of it was a genuine desire to know and to understand.Asking “why?” in … [Read more...]

Samhain Circle, Saturday November 1

I hope those of you in the area will do your best to be there - it's going to be awesome. Click on the image to see a larger version of the flyer. … [Read more...]

Divine Retribution? Maybe So…

We'll return to the regularly scheduled Samhain series shortly, but I want to repost a rant from the DMN Religion Blog. An evangelical Christian suggested that our current economic melt-down is a result of America's "lack of obedience" and corrupt churches. You can read the whole exchange here if you like.I got a little wound up. Here's my response:If the USA has fallen out of divine favor and our current situation is a national punishment, it is not because we have been insufficiently obedient … [Read more...]


It’s October and Halloween will be here before you know it. Yes, I’m busy getting ready for Samhain (and I’ll have more to say about it later this month), but I also enjoy feeding the trick or treaters.First, if anyone reading this blog doesn’t know what Samhain is, or if you still think it’s pronounced “SAM-hane” (it’s a Gaelic word, pronounced “SOW-en,” here are a couple of links to better explanations than I can give.This one is a rather short article on WitchVox by Peg Aloi titled “You Call … [Read more...]