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Camping Weekend

Some photos from the CUUPS Camping Weekend at James Stevens’ place north of Decatur: Summerlin, a stone circle James is building on his land. You can already see his vision starting to manifest. Not trying to hide behind the sunglasses, but the sun was bright! A very young fawn on the edge of the camping [Read More…]

Happy Birthday Waldo!

Here’s the piece I did for yesterday’s “Story for All Ages”: Ralph Waldo Emerson was born in Boston on May 25, 1803, the son of Ruth Haskins and the Rev. William Emerson, a Unitarian minister. After completing school, he was a teacher, then went to Harvard Divinity School. He was ordained in 1829 by the [Read More…]

Misconceptions About Faith

This week’s “Texas Faith” question from the Dallas Morning News asks “What don’t most people understand about religious faith?” The panelists gave some good answers, but I have a particular thought that the experts only touched on briefly. In my mind, the biggest misconception about religious faith is the idea that faith consists of affirming [Read More…]

Going to California

No, I’m not moving. At least I don’t think I am – if I’ve learned nothing else from three job-related cross-country moves it’s to never be too sure about these things. After a month of internal debate and wrestling with the not-insignificant cost of travel, I’ve registered for the Druid Gorsedd being held in California [Read More…]

President Again

At today’s Spring Congregational meeting, I was elected Board President for a second time (I was also President in 2005-06). I really had no idea what I was getting into last time – this time I think I do. And while I’m sure something will come up that no one is expecting right now, I [Read More…]

Fuel Prices

I filled up last night for $2.099 a gallon – the first time I’ve paid over $2 a gallon for gas in many months. Here’s a story from the AP about how oil got over $60 a barrel today. You didn’t have to be an oracle to see this coming – here’s a link to [Read More…]

Prayer of St. Francis

Yesterday I came across this essay titled “Stop Asking God to Make a Better World.” It’s from James Denison, the “theologian-in-residence” for the Baptist General Convention of Texas, which is a moderate (i.e. – not fundamentalist) Baptist association. The essay is rather weak, but it has a good point – a point that was expressed [Read More…]

Small Church Transformation

Via the DMN Religion Blog, here’s a story about a Methodist church that went from old and dying to vibrant and growing. The lessons it teaches are applicable to any religious group, be it Methodist or Muslim, Wiccan or Druid – even Unitarian Universalist. 1) “You’ve got to get to know the people you’re called [Read More…]