Going to California

No, I’m not moving. At least I don’t think I am – if I’ve learned nothing else from three job-related cross-country moves it’s to never be too sure about these things.

After a month of internal debate and wrestling with the not-insignificant cost of travel, I’ve registered for the Druid Gorsedd being held in California at Lughnasadh. It’s being organized by an collection of OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids – I’m a member, though there are no groups in the North Texas area) groups, and it features leaders from three of the largest Druid organizations in the world: Philip Carr-Gomm of OBOD, John Michael Greer of AODA, and Isaac Bonewits of ADF. I’ve read books by all three of them and found them all helpful, plus I met Isaac at the CUUPS Convocation in 2004.

Most Druid gatherings are in England, at least those of OBOD, which is based there. So, while travelling to California isn’t cheap, it’s a lot cheaper (in time and money) than travelling to England. In the end, I decided I should take advantage of the opportunity.

I’m not looking to learn anything so much as I’m looking to experience Druidry in a group setting. After all the complaints about “distractions” I figure I could use something that will feed my soul.

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  • That sounds just wonderful! Can’t wait to hear your stories.