Here’s a link to an essay on Huffington Post by Rev. James Martin, S.J., a Catholic priest and a Jesuit. I’ve read Rev. Martin’s work before and I find myself agreeing with him more than with any other Catholic writer I’ve come across.This piece is titled Desire and the Spiritual Life. The central theme is this: “Recognizing our desires means recognizing God’s desires for us.”Desire is as much maligned in the liberal religions as in the conservative ones. The conservative religions denigrate … [Read more...]

Dark Green Religion

Dark Green Religion is a study of the relatively new religious trend toward viewing the Earth as sacred and acting accordingly. It’s written by Bron Taylor, Professor of Religion and Nature at the University of Florida. I highly recommend it for those interested contemporary nature religions and their origins. Taylor begins with a cursory definition of religion, but he sees little value in arguing about where to draw lines between religion, parareligion, and religious behavior by those who d … [Read more...]


No, I haven't disappeared.  But both work and home life have been busy, and what little free time I've had has gone to reading Dark Green Religion by Bron Taylor.  I've seen it mentioned several times and wanted to read it for myself.  It's excellent and I'll have much to say about it, but I want to finish the book first and at the rate things are going, that will be sometime this weekend.On Monday, Chad Clifton had this blog entry titled Idolatry as a Category in Pagan Studies.  He que … [Read more...]