Egyptian Summer Solstice 2011

Last night was Denton CUUPS’ 8th annual Egyptian Summer Solstice circle. None of us are Kemetics, but as long as there has been a Denton CUUPS, we’ve had at least one member who is strongly drawn to Egypt and the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt. Some years our ritual has been very elaborate, other years (like this year) it’s been simpler. Still, it was a reverent attempt to reimagine Egyptian temple worship for 21st century America, with invocations and offerings honoring Amun Ra, Thoth, and Ma’at.

Egypt is still in transition from 30 years of Mubarak’s dictatorship and we do not know what the final government and society will look like. With this firmly in our minds, we prayed for the land and the people of Egypt.

Thoth, you who sit in judgment of the gods themselves, we ask you to bring justice to our world, that the innocent may prosper, and those who break the sacred law of Ma’at may be brought low. As it is written in the Book of Going Forth by Day, the sky is safe, may you grant that those in the Kemet of today know justice and sound judgment as you did when you chose Bright Horus to be ruler of the lands of Egypt, and sent Set, who alone walks the ways of chaos and does not listen to Ma’at, into the great wasteland of the desert.

Hear us, O Gods of Egypt. We who follow the Old Ways in this New Land ask your blessing and your boon, that we may learn and grow in peace and love. We ask for your blessings not only on those of us gathered here, but most assuredly on those who live in the two lands of Egypt, who face in the coming year challenges different than those faced by any Egyptian since the Romans were driven out. For them and their coming choices we ask thy blessings in particular, Ma’at, Lady of Order and Right Law, and Thoth, Lord of Justice and Right Judgment.

opening the temple
offering incense
“The Door is Closed”

There are more pictures on the Denton CUUPS Facebook page.

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