Water in the Desert

Being a good Pagan or a devout practitioner of any religious or spiritual path is no exemption from the ups and downs of life. When we recognize spiritual deserts for what they are, we can find a helpful well… and keep moving through the desert. [Read more…]

Nine Things I Think

Nine Things I Think – England, Wales and Ireland Edition: food in England, beer in Ireland, news in the US, and a reminder of how powerful the land can be. [Read more…]

From the Cauldron Born

Kristoffer Hughes’ book From the Cauldron Born is an exploration of bardic magic. It is both an analysis of the story of Cerridwen and Taliesin and a recipe for the transformation of the Cauldron. [Read more…]

You’re Doing It Wrong!

Most of us are doing our religion right, at least most of the time. But there are a few things in the religious world that are a clear sign you’re doing it wrong – be mindful and avoid them. [Read more…]

Am I Doing It Right?

Wondering “am I doing it right?” is a good thing. It’s a sign you’re taking your religion seriously. [Read more…]


Anglesey was a center of Druidry in ancient times and the site of the infamous Roman massacre of 61 CE. My visit there was the highlight of my recent trip, but it was not what I expected. [Read more…]


The 5000 year old passage tomb of Newgrange is beautiful and moving. It calls me to remember my ancestors, to connect to them, to honor them, and to remember that some day I will join them. [Read more…]

A Journey To The Isles

A recent trip to England, Wales and Ireland was inspiring, educational, and at times just plain fun, but there’s something to be learned from the journey too. [Read more…]