5 Requirements of Will

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight or stop smoking by “will power” understands that simply making an intellectual decision and then trying to force the rest of your being to submit is a recipe for failure. Will is a powerful thing, but there are five requirements to engage it. Read more

Sovereignty, Autonomy, and Agency – The Need for Clear Communication

My polytheist friends have convinced me that my use of “sovereignty” only in the personal sense is distracting attention from its other contexts. “Autonomy” may be an adequate substitute for “sovereignty” in the personal sense, but there are other contexts where only “sovereignty” conveys the precise meaning. Read more

12 Movies to Inspire Your Magic

No one is going to mistake any of these movies for great works of Pagan theology or how-to videos for witchcraft. But if you need some magical motivation, give one of them a try. They’re entertaining, but they all have something that reminds us that magic is real. Read more

Negotiating With the Gods

If a deity calls you and you don’t want to serve, you have several options. Start working through them and see if you can come to an arrangement that works for you. Read more

Am I Hearing a God or Am I Going Crazy?

If you’re drowning, get mental health care. But if you were swimming yesterday and today you’re face-to-face with a demanding deity, you’re probably having a religious experience for which our mainstream culture and much of the Pagan movement has no context. It’s the lack of context that makes you think you’re going crazy. Read more

When You Hear The Call of The Morrigan

People are craving knowledge of the Morrigan. They yearn for direct experience of her. They wonder how they should respond when they hear from her. There are many ways to respond – this is one way, a way that’s been shown to work. Read more

5 Things I Learned At Mystic South

Mystic South 2017 was an amazing, magical, memorable event. I’m so glad I was there. These are the five lessons I’m taking away from the conference. Read more

Under the Ancient Oaks: Land Spirits

Here’s the second episode of Under the Ancient Oaks, the video series. Cynthia Talbot and I discuss land spirits and spirits of place and how we can relate to them. Read more

The Surprising Paganism of The Mummy

Forget the new Tom Cruise movie. The best Mummy of them all is the 1932 version with Boris Karloff. It’s a fictional horror movie, but it has some surprising Pagan elements. Read more

The Victory of Lugh

Lugh spoke to the Tuatha De Danann and put strength in them, so that each had the spirit of a king or a great lord. He heartened them to fight well, for it was better for them to die protecting their own country than to live under bonds and under tribute any longer. Read more

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