I don’t like chaos. I don’t like risk. Taking risks can make things better, but it can also make them worse. But what I want doesn’t matter. Chaos is real, it can be delayed but it cannot be prevented, and in the right situations, it can be a good thing. Read more

In a recent podcast, Lonnie Scott said “are the water spirits that make their way to my home aspects of a major river spirit? Or are they their own separate entities?” And my immediate thought was “the Gods are like water.” Read more

I don’t want people to be fearful. Not because nothing’s coming that can harm us – that’s a lie that’s as dangerous as it is convenient. I don’t want people to be fearful because with mindfulness and practice and by working together, we can get through this just fine. Read more

Any time “common sense” is invoked, a flashing red light should go off in your head. Most times that means “stuff we assume is true but haven’t really thought much about.” And when you hear someone say “they’re confused” you’re probably hearing a clash of worldviews – unstated assumptions about the world and the way it works. Read more

If our collection of spirit workers, God-bothereds, and other mystics are in agreement that bad things will continue to happen at an increasing rate, we might want to rethink our priorities. Let’s spend less time arguing with our fellow Pagans and more time building the practices and institutions we need to successfully navigate this strange new world. Read more

While engaged in a movie marathon – and with current world events never far from my mind – it became apparent that there are some lessons in Lord of the Rings that we need to remember. And there are other lessons we’d do just as well to forget. Read more

We’re a quarter of the way through 2018 and the message I’m getting is: “the storm is strengthening.” We have a little time – a very little time – to prepare before the next wave of challenges and high strangeness hit us in the face. Read more

The provocative quote attacking “enemies of the Craft” identifies a real problem but proposes an ineffective solution. Instead, let’s build strong practices, strong traditions, and strong groups. Depth and power will always stand out. Read more

Most traditional activities for Beltane are designed for large groups or for couples, but many Pagans are solitary practitioners, either by choice or by necessity. Here are eight things you can do to celebrate Beltane as a solitary. Read more

As powerful as my ecstatic experiences of the Gods have been, they’re not the core of my religion. The core is embodying the virtues of the Gods and manifesting Their values in this world. First-hand experience is a means to that end, not the end itself. Read more

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