The Big Questions of Life call us to step beyond the immediacy of our day to day lives and to think about deeper matters. They ask us to live our lives consciously and intentionally. And sooner or later they inject themselves into our lives and demand that we deal with them. Read more

A lot of people – mainly young women – are adopting the mythology and especially the fashion of witchcraft without any of its religious or magical elements. Whatever you think of them, it would be the height of irony to criticize them without looking at the magical forces in play in our contemporary world. Read more

There is value in working magic on a regular basis, but working magic on an arbitrary schedule brings sub-optimal results. Reviewing results is necessary, but not when it interferes with the “fire and forget” approach of chaos magic. Read more

Our Samhain ritual this year was titled “Into the Cave of the Morrigan.” It was a devotional ritual to honor the Great Queen and to allow all the participants to experience Her for themselves. And experience Her they did… Read more

Saturday night’s Samhain ritual was my last event as Coordinating Officer of Denton CUUPS. After 12 years in this position and 14 years as a CUUPS officer, my formal leadership has come to an end. Read more

Those of us who carry geasa, taboos, and other religious obligations and prohibitions can sometimes find ourselves in no-win situations. No-win situations aren’t fair, but they exist, and we need to be prepared for them. Read more

Brendan Myers’ new book Reclaiming Civilization is not perfect, but it does an excellent job of showing us the foundations of civilization, its strengths, its weaknesses, and especially its illusions. It helps us understand our political options and better see through the lies told across the political spectrum. Read more

Kimberly Kirner’s post on Pragmatism and Outcomes-Oriented Religion made a strong case for an interfaith approach to inter-Pagan relations. That’s a good start. But when you criticize someone’s beliefs, interfaith becomes intrafaith and you should expect a response grounded in religion. Read more

I’ve supported The Wild Hunt every year since they first moved from a one-person operation, and I’m supporting them again this year. I encourage you to do so as well, at whatever level you can afford. Read more

In this season of Samhain, let us acknowledge death and accept death, but let us also commit to living as deeply and as fully as we can while we are still alive. Read more

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