Are Hurricanes and Wildfires Persons? Respect the Power of Nature

Humans have been attempting to gain mastery over Nature since the discovery of fire. We have made amazing progress. But hurricanes and wildfires teach us a very pagan (small p intentional) truth: we are not the center of the universe. Read more

The Benefits of Living in a Magical Universe

We live in a magical universe full of Gods and spirits, where nothing is fixed and everything has odds… odds that can be manipulated. Read more

3 Harmful Common Myths and 3 Better Alternatives

We all have myths – stories that we live by. What are your myths? Do they help you live the kind of life you want to live? Or have they set you up for failure? Read more

Religion Is Not Just Mythology

The idea that religion is mythology is the bastard child of Protestantism and atheism. It rips sacred stories out of their animistic and theistic context and replants them in the academically acceptable ground of psychology and sociology. Read more

Initiation: Mad, Dead, or a Poet

An initiation doesn’t have to be brutal and bloody to be effective. But if there is no possibility of a negative outcome then there is no room for transformation. Read more

One Pagan’s Thoughts on What Comes After Death

I’m a universalist at heart – whatever comes next will be good for everyone. The details will sort themselves out. But someone asked for my specific beliefs about the afterlife, so here they are. Read more

The Aftermath of the Eclipse – Small But Strange

I really wasn’t prepared for this eclipse. But it wasn’t a total loss, and things were mysteriously better after it passed. Read more

A Weekly Ritual of Focus and Protection

While ethics compel us to respond to major events like Charlottesville, if we are always responding we allow others to dictate what we’re working on. This is a ritual to help you focus your attention on the bigger picture – on the work your Gods and ancestors have called you to do. Read more

Under the Ancient Oaks: Living a Good Life During Difficult Times

Under the Ancient Oaks the video series, episode 3. What do we mean by living a good life in difficult times? It isn’t easy, but people have done it for thousands of years, and we can do it too. Read more

10 Things I Need To Say About Charlottesville

I’m not going to try to write a full analysis on Charlottesville, but there are several things I need to say, beginning with “to hell with Nazis.” Read more

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