Between the Worlds 2015 – A Call To Action

moderator Michael G. Smith, Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, Ivo Dominguez, Jr., Christopher Penczak, Katrina Messenger, Byron Ballard, and T. Thorn Coyle

Put 350 Pagans, Heathens, Druids, Magicians, Witches, and various other esoteric practitioners together in a (nearly) snow-bound conference center for four days and what do you get? A mighty call to action. [Read more...]

Hospitality For Humans

food and drink

Nobody thinks our guests are unimportant and nobody means to be inhospitable, but that’s what countless visitors to Pagan gatherings experience eight times every year. If we take our Pagan virtues seriously, we will be hospitable because it’s the right thing to do. [Read more...]

Portals by Sharon Knight


Here’s a chance to support good musicians making good music! [Read more...]

By Any Means Necessary


Sometimes dirty work is also necessary work, and if we are committed to justice and not just to keeping ourselves clean, we won’t be afraid to get our hands dirty. [Read more...]

The Lore vs. UPG – A False Dichotomy

tree and ruins - Ephesus 2012

Privileging lore and dismissing experience is the direct result of living in a Protestant-dominated culture. A religion with real Gods is messy, unpredictable, and scary. Even though I’m fond of order, I wouldn’t have it any other way. [Read more...]

Books That Challenge, Books That Inspire

book your face is a forest

Here are reviews of the first three books I’ve read this year: Your Face Is A Forest by Rhyd Wildermuth, Bearing Torches: A Devotional Anthology for Hekate, and The Red Goddess by Peter Grey. [Read more...]

The Limits of Personal Power and The Dangers of Ignoring Them


If we are truly beings of unlimited power, then people are only sick or poor or oppressed because they choose to be so. And if they choose to be sick or poor or oppressed then we have no moral obligation to help them. How convenient. [Read more...]

Fighting Evil Is Not A Fantasy Sport

Sekhmet - The British Museum - 2007

If you can watch the Islamic State videos or read their descriptions and not feel moved to do something to stop these evildoers, then you’re lacking empathy, not religion. [Read more...]