Fighting Evil Is Not A Fantasy Sport

Sekhmet - The British Museum - 2007

If you can watch the Islamic State videos or read their descriptions and not feel moved to do something to stop these evildoers, then you’re lacking empathy, not religion. [Read more...]

In Praise of Communities of Convenience

Denton UU 04.07.14

The modern Western cult of the individual makes building homogeneous communities difficult. But humans are social animals – we need each other so much it’s worth forming and supporting imperfect, heterogeneous communities of convenience. [Read more...]

The Care and Feeding of Activists

wind turbines 05.22.10

Unitarian Universalism emphasizes right action over right belief, a teaching that inspires many of us to work tirelessly to make the world a better place here and now. But “tirelessly” is only a figure of speech – if we work long and hard on anything, no matter how meaningful it is, we will get tired. How do we take care of ourselves as we do our Great Work? [Read more...]

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No Pantheacon Envy

ADF Imbolc 2015 42

In a perfect world I’d be at Pantheacon this weekend. But the world isn’t perfect and I’m staying at home. Unlike previous years, though, this year I don’t have Pantheacon envy. [Read more...]

ADF Texas Imbolc Retreat

Sean Harbaugh titled this photo "Druids Doing Druid Stuff"

I had another great time at the ADF Texas Imbolc Retreat. Thanks again to Chris Godwin, Amanda Godwin, and all the folks of Hearthstone Grove for their hospitality and their good work in planning and presenting this retreat. [Read more...]

Dreams of a Pagan Public Spectacle

Dinosaur Valley 07.13.14 40

All you Pagans who are too cool for the Super Bowl: are you ready to reclaim spectacle for the greater good? [Read more...]

Verbal Assaults and the Fear of Real Gods

11 05 Crete

People who talk with the Gods can be scary… scary enough that modern, enlightened Westerners who wouldn’t dream of physical violence erupt in verbal assaults. [Read more...]

The Need For Private Rituals

Cernunnos altar

When you’re constantly facilitating religious experiences for others it’s hard to have a real religious experience yourself. That’s a necessary sacrifice and I make it freely and gladly. But it doesn’t fill the need for our own religious experiences. [Read more...]