Kimberly Kirner’s post on Pragmatism and Outcomes-Oriented Religion made a strong case for an interfaith approach to inter-Pagan relations. That’s a good start. But when you criticize someone’s beliefs, interfaith becomes intrafaith and you should expect a response grounded in religion. Read more

I’ve supported The Wild Hunt every year since they first moved from a one-person operation, and I’m supporting them again this year. I encourage you to do so as well, at whatever level you can afford. Read more

In this season of Samhain, let us acknowledge death and accept death, but let us also commit to living as deeply and as fully as we can while we are still alive. Read more

It didn’t take long to come up with five things I hear on a regular basis that are like fingernails on a chalkboard. Some of them are more half-truths than outright lies, but all of them are troublesome ideas that need to be challenged. Read more

In this episode of Under the Ancient Oaks – The Video Series, I’m joined by Patheos Pagan Channel Managing Editor Jason Mankey for a discussion about our experiences with a deity we’re both devoted to: Cernunnos. Read more

Praying for the dead is sacred and necessary work. Abandoning the dead is blasphemy. Those who preach “it’s too late” are of a minority opinion in their own religion and we should not emulate them. Read more

I understand and appreciate that some Pagans and polytheists reject the practice of casting circles and calling the directions and elements. But they remain important parts of my rituals. Here’s why. Read more

Following your own intuition requires courage: courage to start and even more courage to stay the course. The pressure to conform to “consensus reality” is immense, but the cost of conformity is your soul. Read more

If your belief system doesn’t include an Otherworld, I respect that. But kindly make your case for your preferred better version of this world and leave the sacred land of my Gods and ancestors alone. I couldn’t escape the Otherworld if I wanted to, and I don’t want to. Read more

Pagan teachers have an awesome responsibility, a responsibility that’s too great to be entrusted to any one person. There are two issues here: the need for continuing education and the need for accountability. Read more

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