Feeling Small in the Presence of the Gods

Feeling small in Nature isn’t the result of some artificial hierarchy – in the immensities of Nature you are small. Likewise, feeling small in the presence of the Gods helps you respect Their virtues, which in turn helps you live a better life and build a better world here and now. Read more

We Don’t Have to Own the Land to Honor the Land

Humans have always been migrants. We may settle down for a few generations, but then we move on. While rooting ourselves to a particular place can be beneficial, any robust religion must accommodate human movement. Fortunately, Paganism can do this. Read more

The Jealous Druid

I’m amused that Jason Mankey is jealous of me. But I have my own Pagan-related jealousies… Read more

Mike Pence Needs Consent Culture

If a man can’t work with women in the same way he works with men, he can’t do his job. If he can’t do his job, he shouldn’t be in that job. Read more

Don’t Be Respectable, Be Authentic

If we pretend to be harmless so our neighbors will like us, eventually we’ll convince ourselves we really are harmless, and we won’t be able to do the work we’ve been called to do. Read more

Making Deep Paganism Public… Some Of The Time

Part of my calling is to make deep practices accessible to anyone with a general interest and a willingness to do the necessary work. But it’s also my job to make sure these practices remain authentic and powerful. Read more

Progressive Magic

Magic has a dilemma. It works best when it’s focused and specific, but many of the things we need magic to achieve are big and complicated. Progressive magic is an approach to deal with this dilemma. Read more

The Non-Negotiables of My Religion

There are three non-negotiables in my religion. If I abandoned or significantly changed any of these three concepts, I would be practicing a different religion. Read more

Nine Things I Think: Appearances, Journals, and New Pagan Websites

Nine Things I Think: Appearances, Journals, and New Pagan Websites Read more

Spiritual Treatment Is No Substitute For Mental Health Care

Spiritual practice is no substitute for proper mental health care. This isn’t a difference of opinion. This isn’t a case of “agree to disagree.” This is a wrong and dangerous belief that I see too often in Pagan and alternative spirituality circles. Read more

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