Pagans and the Past – It’s Complicated

Stick around for a while and you’ll find a lot of people in love with the past. It connects us to our origins, and it reminds us that what we see on the streets and on the television isn’t the only way to live. [Read more…]

Mead For The Morrigan

The Morrigan has been an ally, helping me with things I could not do myself. She’s been an inspiration, giving me things to think, talk, and write about. And She’s been a general, giving orders and expecting them to be followed. [Read more…]

Belief and the Experience of Awe

A psychological study says that awe-inspiring moments increase our tendency to believe in Gods and magic. While the study is based on non-theistic assumptions, its findings can be helpful to Pagans and other religious people. [Read more…]

A Need For Divination

It’s necessary for us to stay focused on the tasks at hand. But we also need to know where our paths will take us and what obstacles or opportunities we might be overlooking. And sometimes, we need an answer from the Gods. [Read more…]

Missing the Point on Scapegoats

When two thirds of the commenters are missing the point, I have to accept that this time the problem isn’t the readers, it’s the writer. [Read more…]

Polytheism in Difficult Times

Many of us are dealing with health issues, family emergencies, and stressful jobs. The political situation makes things worse. But remember you have a place in our community and Gods who called you to Their service. Do what you need to do, and ask for the help you need. [Read more…]

There Are No Scapegoats in Modern Paganism

This month’s Patheos Public Square topic is “The Sacrifice: Religions and the Role of the Scapegoat.” As best I can tell, all the entries are from Christians, Muslims, or Jews. That’s probably for the best – there are no scapegoats in Paganism. [Read more…]

Many Ways to Be a Celt

Our world is very different from the world of the Celts, Picts, Vikings, and others who inhabited Britain and Ireland thousands of years ago. But there are situations and circumstances that are quite similar, and if we are wise, we will learn from those who came before us. [Read more…]

Knowth and Dowth

Knowth and Dowth are beautiful and powerful places that connect us to our ancestors and to the Otherworld. They also remind us that while visiting the popular tourist sites is a great thing, there’s value in visiting the smaller and more remote sites as well. [Read more…]

Not Everything Belongs in a Museum

Like so much in our society, the fact that museums have been around for hundreds of years and benefit many causes us to ignore some unpleasant facts about how these objects came to be where they are. [Read more…]