Listening to Damh the Bard’s new album Y Mabinogi is like opening your home to a traveling bard: for the price of some good hospitality, you’ll hear great stories well told… and more. Read more

Your Pagan work will never be perfect, and you will always feel like you need one more thing to do it right. Stay with it. Your Pagan work matters – don’t get distracted. Read more

The Cauldron of the Dagda is hospitality technology from Iron Age Ireland. What technologies help us provide spiritual hospitality today? Read more

Here are six critical situations on my Pagan journey and the books that were most helpful in getting me through them. And since my thinking has changed and there’ve been a lot of good books written since I began, I’m also listing what I’d recommend to someone in a similar situation today. Read more

An academic study circulating around social media assumes that “growing less religious” and “overcoming intuition” are inherently good things. These are bad assumptions that conflate religion with belief and ignore significant differences between religions. Read more

Travel is an educational and life-expanding activity and I highly recommend it. And, the same benefits we gain from mundane travel also come to us from otherworldly travel. Read more

The fourth episode of Under the Ancient Oaks – the Video Series. ADF Archdruid Emeritus Kirk Thomas and I talk about shrines, and about the beautiful shrines Kirk has built at Trout Lake Abbey. Read more

If you want to draw a clear line between priestly work and non-priestly work, focus on the relationship, not on the activity. Listen for what you’re being called to do. Then go do it to the best of your ability, whether it involves priesthood or not. Read more

Once you’ve established your devotional practice, what’s next? There are many possibilities – I can only tell you what I’ve done, what’s worked, and what hasn’t. This is one piece of the map of the territory beyond beginning polytheism. Read more

Humans have been attempting to gain mastery over Nature since the discovery of fire. We have made amazing progress. But hurricanes and wildfires teach us a very pagan (small p intentional) truth: we are not the center of the universe. Read more

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