Magic: Amateurs vs. Professionals

Let’s not be satisfied with feeling magical. Let’s not be satisfied with being amateur magicians. Let’s do the work necessary to become professional magicians. Let’s learn our craft and get really good at it. [Read more…]

How Old Are The Gods and Why Does It Matter?

How old are the Gods? I don’t know. But I do know this: contemplating the age of the Gods helps us put them in proper perspective – a sacred perspective. [Read more…]

The Birth of Lugh

Jason Mankey calls Lughnasadh “the ugly-duckling of sabbats.” I don’t like that, but Jason is telling the truth. Perhaps Pagans and polytheists would put more into celebrating Lughnasadh if they knew more about Lugh. This is the story of his birth. [Read more…]

Under the Ancient Oaks – The Video Series

The first in a new series of short videos on topics of interest to Pagans and polytheists. [Read more…]

A Speculative Look at the Cycles of Magic and the Otherworld

In which I look at cyclical time, the Mayan calendar, planetary alignments, ice ages and interglacial periods, and our experiences of shredded Veils and Goblin Markets, and then try to come up with a speculative theory to explain it all. [Read more…]

Bargaining at the Goblin Market

Folklore tells us the Goblin Market is a place humans can rarely see, and if you can see it you’re better off pretending you can’t and moving on. But what do you do when the Goblin Market sets up shop across the street from your house? [Read more…]

Who Ya Gonna Believe, Me Or Your Lying Eyes?

There has never been a greater need to ignore what the mainstream culture tells you and to pay attention to what your senses – all your senses – tell you is happening. [Read more…]

Paganism and the Primacy of the Written Word

The written word is a useful servant, but Western culture has made it an arrogant master. If we are to become truly Pagan then the primacy of the written word must give way to the primacy of religious experience. [Read more…]

A Farewell to Normalcy

I want being a Pagan to become normal, in the way it was normal for an ancient Greek or Celt to honor their Gods and ancestors – it was something everyone did. But some of us are called to work that isn’t normal and will never be normal. [Read more…]

A Three-Fold Understanding of Magic

I came to a three-fold understanding of magic very early on my Pagan journey, and I’ve yet to find a better model for how magic works. Magic is the intercession of Gods and spirits, the manipulation of unseen forces, and psychological programming. [Read more…]