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Why Next Time I’ll Kneel in Worship with Muslims

Today is Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting. Through my friendship with Pastor Bob, a leader of San Diego’s interfaith community, I received, about a week ago, an invitation which read: [Read more…]

Never Feed a Rabid Animal

This weekend just past Kathy Baldock and Lisa Salazar went to Gay Pride at Charlotte, NC. (Here’s what Kathy wrote about the event before attending. Stay tuned to her blog for her upcoming report of her experiences at Charlotte GP.) Also at the event was Michael “God Has a Better Way Than Homosexuality” Brown. Brown, [Read More…]

“Today I Am Still Afraid of Him”

Last night a woman who originally wrote to inquire about access to Seven Reasons sent me this poetic piece, in which she succinctly shared the history of the descent of her once loving marriage into a harrowing miasma of pain and fear. She and I hope what she’s written will serve to bring healing to [Read More…]

The Christian Right is Wrong

[polldaddy poll=5539666]Okay, so just to be clear. This image came about relative to an online discussion I was having with an Episcopal reverend and a Southern Baptist pastor. The Episcopal reverend thought that in the main progressive Christians, loving Christ as they do, would appreciate this picture, because they would feel that it illustrates Jesus [Read More…]

When Your Heart Leaves Home

The reflections of a good man upon the occasion of his daughter leaving home for college. [Read more…]

Welcome to My New Online Home!

This is Dan Wilkinson, of Wilkinson Web Design. As you can see, he lives in the woods. It’s so sad. He’s such a talented web designer. I don’t know what happened to his life. But now he has to build all of his websites from his mobile phone. Doesn’t he do awesome work, though? Look [Read More…]

“You’re a fat, worthless psycho with a piggy daughter and a loser son.”

Here’s an absolutely heart-breaking letter I got in yesterday. It’s used here by permission. Some details have been changed. I get more of these than, God knows, I wish anyone ever had to write. If you’ve ever wondered what it really feels like to be stuck in a horrifically toxic marriage, here you go. [Read more…]

O que Jesus faria se ele fosse convidado para um casamento gay?

That’s right; I speak Portuguese. Okay, fine: I don’t speak Portuguese. But João Mattos, a young man who e-mailed me this afternoon, way does. [Read more…]

From the Christian Mother of a Transgender Young Man

(I last week received this very moving letter.) Dear John, Sometimes I think that being able to see from the perspective of a mother what my daughter (who is now my son) went through before his admission of his true self shows why God is with us, no matter what. [Read more…]

Think gay is wrong? You’re better than that.

It’s perfectly okay with God if a person is gay or lesbian. Perfectly. If you think being gay is wrong, because you think the Bible says it’s wrong, learn more about those passages in the Bible. Because if you don’t, and you cling to your misinformed bigotry, then you’re purposefully, consciously, and destructively choosing lazy, [Read More…]