Shame on You: The Road to Hell

In 2013, two guys were at a tech conference, they worked together and they were friends, but they were also both shy and had social anxiety so they kept to themselves. During one of the conference presentations. One of these guys, Hank, whispered a slightly off-color joke to his friend, and as they were giggling to each other [Read More…]

Shame On You: Witch Hunts

I’d like to start a blog series today that will run through the season of Lent talking about Witches, Politics, the Stanford Prison Experiment and Evil. And it all revolves around Shame. Specifically what we do when we feel shamed, and why we feel this such persistent need to shame each other, and try to put people or [Read More…]

The Gospel According to Stranger Things: The Call to Worship

Since I started this series on Netflix binge-worthy series “Stranger Things” I’ve had several friends send me links to other places on the web where people have attempted to do similar things with this series. Sometimes it’s been people pointing out the reviews on the Soundtrack or that Times article on the Nostalgia of ST, and sometimes [Read More…]

Ash Wednesday: The Church As a Midwife

“I went back to church thinking it would be like an epidural, taking the pain away. But I realized that church is more like a midwife, standing next to me saying push…it’s supposed to hurt a little bit.” -Brene Brown “Love is not a victory march, it’s a cold and broken Hallelujah” -Leonard Cohen Ash Wednesday [Read More…]

The Gospel According to Stranger Things: The Cost of Progress

[When] we live in a universe where we are in charge, all we see on the horizon is our end. -Alyssa Wilkinson Robert Joustra and Alyssa Wilkonson watched a lot of zombie movies in order to write a book about Christianity. Their book How to Survive the Apocalypse is one of the better books I read last [Read More…]

The Dark Side of Valentine’s Day: Single Awareness Day

“Everywhere I looked people were standing in two’s. It was like Noah’s west-side, rent-controlled Ark.” -Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City I have an awkward relationship with Valentine’s day. As a husband and father, I enjoy celebrating it with my wife and kids, but I intensely dislike it when churches try to capitalize on [Read More…]

Serving and Loving Refugees On a Local Level

So Friday before last, President Trump signed the new and controversial Executive Order reducing the amount of refugees who could enter the United States. Since it was on a Friday, the worship order for our church assembly that coming Sunday had already been planned for a couple of weeks and this was a real curveball, probably for pastors all [Read More…]

The Gospel According to Stranger Things: The Flea & The Acrobat

So before the election I was in a series called The Gospel According to Stranger Things. It’s a blog series about Netflix great breakout new show, that has been met with lots of both critical and popular success, and I’m trying to step back and ask the question, “What made this so great? Why did this resonate with us [Read More…]

Forgotten Country: The Other “Other”

Maybe you saw last year, a few days after the results of the Presidential election shocked much of the nation, there were several paragraphs from a  1998 philosophy book that was starting to make the rounds. The book “Achieving Our Country” was written by Richard Rorty at a time when the economy seemed to be doing quite well. President Clinton [Read More…]

On Being White: The Myth of White Superiority Part 3

I think it’s interesting that the Bible never hints at what race Adam and Eve were. When the first human is introduced into the story he is simply called ’ādām, which means “humankind.” Their “race” is not identifiable; Adam and Eve are neither black or white, they’re not even Jews. The division of humankind into nations and races isn’t [Read More…]