Hearing From God: Movers and Quakers

If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, you’ve heard me talk about growing up in a little 10 person church. I talk about it so often because it is the filter that I view the majority of my life through. A down-syndrome boy who led worship, a mentally unstable preacher, senior saints and racial diversity, [Read More…]

Hearing From God: A Secular Enchantment

“In those days, the Word of the LORD was rare, there were not many visions.” -1st Samuel 3:1 It would be nice if people saw that the world cannot be disenchanted, and that the choice before us is really a choice of enchantments. -Francis Spufford “I don’t believe in God. I believe in Science.” -Nacho [Read More…]

Hearing From God: Kidnapping Sinatra

Until recently, one of the litmus tests for whether someone was to be considered sane or not was the question, “Do you hear from God?” [Read more…]

Why You Need to Volunteer At Church

What if our hectic lives aren’t because of a lack of time but because of a lack of wisdom? [Read more…]

A Beautiful Gospel: Singing Your Way to Wonder

Som Sabadell from Onidea on Vimeo. I’ll get back to this video in a second. I go to church with a guy named Richard Beck, popular blogger, author and one of my best friends in Abilene. Richard is also one of the most intelligent people I know, and according to him, years before we met, he was just [Read More…]

Be Excellent to One Another: Bill & Ted Go To Church

This week’s post is by my friend Sean Palmer. Sean is the new Teaching Pastor at Ecclesia in Houston, He’s a member of Missio Alliance and writes regularly at his own site as well. Sean also co-hosts an excellent podcast “Not so Black and White” Meet Sean: A Rabbi sat down with his disciples and asked, “How can [Read More…]

Leaving Church: Jesus Leaves Churches Too

Tony Steward hasn’t been to church in over a year. At least that was what he said back when his website was still up in 2013. After working as a pastor at two different mega-churches for over ten years, Steward walked away from it all and didn’t look back. Well…almost. He wrote a blog talking about [Read More…]

Leaving Church: The Institution of Casseroles

The truth is we need Institutions, and we have a far too limited view of what they are…and how they work. [Read more…]

Leaving Church: The Rise of Hate

The reason I appreciate Nietzsche’s work so much is because he at least hated Christianity for the thing it actually was. [Read more…]

Leaving Church: Before You Go…

So last week I started a short series responding to a great article in the Atlantic called “America’s Empty Church Problem” I loved this article, because it’s written to and by people who have previously assumed that America’s Empty Churches weren’t a problem, they were the solution! I’ve grown up hearing religious leaders like me lament [Read More…]