So I’ve been reviewing and interacting with Richard Beck’s newest book Stranger God:Meeting Jesus in Disguise, the past few weeks and today I want to get to one of the more powerful observations Beck makes in his book, and like a good psychologist, Beck starts this big idea with an experiment. Richard tells you to imagine that he shows you some of his grandfathers’ old possessions. He takes you to the closet and pulls out an old ratty sweater. It turns out that… Read more

A few years ago, my wife and I lead a short term mission trip to India to work with an orphanage of a few thousand kids.  While we were there, one of the leaders asked us if our team of college students would be willing to go with them to visit a leprosarium in a nearby village. I assumed that, it being the 21st century, and what we now know about medicine and hygiene, our experience would be somewhat intense,… Read more

          “I never thought Angels would have so many tattoos.” -Richard Beck I want to start a series over the next few weeks reviewing a great new book by my friend Richard Beck. It’s his book Stranger God: Meeting Jesus in disguise, and I think it’s an incredibly important book for Christians to read. For those of you who have read his earlier book Unclean, it’s some of the best of that material written for a… Read more

There was a day in North Africa that I was introduced to a woman named Rasaas. I commented on how pretty her name was and how I hadn’t heard it before. She smiled a little shyly and asked me if I knew what her name meant. I said that I didn’t. She casually started into a story about how her village was raided by soldiers on the day that she was born. Her father and uncles were killed. And instead… Read more

It is human nature, it seems, to most deeply fear and hate the very things that we are most like. Read more

“Jesus. He is where we see things differently.” Read more

At the pinnacle of his religious experience, Suleiman came to the conclusion that what he was doing wasn’t worship to the God of the patriarchs but was merely walking in circles around a rock. Read more

So here it is, my annual list of book suggestions. There are lots of good books that I read this year, but If they’ve made this list it’s because I’ve found myself recommending them to friends over lunches or coffee on multiple occasions Read more

Theologians used to say “To Know God is to suffer God” and I think there’s a lot of truth in that way of describing it. Read more

The Golden Coral may not be what comes to your mind when you think of holy ground, but it’s come to be that for me. The Church where I work, has a relationship with a half-way house for men just getting out of prison. These are guys who are needing a second chance in life, they’re often battling addictions, and always fighting to get a job. And over the past few years one of our Highland Church elders has invited/paid… Read more

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