Be Excellent to One Another: Bill & Ted Go To Church

This week’s post is by my friend Sean Palmer. Sean is the new Teaching Pastor at Ecclesia in Houston, He’s a member of Missio Alliance and writes regularly at his own site as well. Sean also co-hosts an excellent podcast “Not so Black and White” Meet Sean: A Rabbi sat down with his disciples and asked, “How can [Read More…]

Leaving Church: Jesus Leaves Churches Too

Tony Steward hasn’t been to church in over a year. At least that was what he said back when his website was still up in 2013. After working as a pastor at two different mega-churches for over ten years, Steward walked away from it all and didn’t look back. Well…almost. He wrote a blog talking about [Read More…]

Leaving Church: The Institution of Casseroles

The truth is we need Institutions, and we have a far too limited view of what they are…and how they work. [Read more…]

Leaving Church: The Rise of Hate

The reason I appreciate Nietzsche’s work so much is because he at least hated Christianity for the thing it actually was. [Read more…]

Leaving Church: Before You Go…

So last week I started a short series responding to a great article in the Atlantic called “America’s Empty Church Problem” I loved this article, because it’s written to and by people who have previously assumed that America’s Empty Churches weren’t a problem, they were the solution! I’ve grown up hearing religious leaders like me lament [Read More…]

Leaving Church: Bowling Alone

I’d like to start a short series over the next few weeks responding to a great article in last month’s edition of The Atlantic.  The article is called America’s Empty Church Problem and it’s both profound and surprising. It’s surprising because it’s in The Atlantic. It’s not written by Christianity Today or some pastor lamenting that their church [Read More…]

Holy Saturday

I don’t know if you’ve seen the old Reality T.V. show Best Funeral Ever, if you haven’t, then please don’t let me get you started. But the show is kind of a fascinating glimpse into the human condition. It’s about a funeral home in Dallas that does Themed Funerals. Like, for the woman who loved [Read More…]

Shame on You: Trending Downward

“Honor is the good opinion of good people.” -Seneca a Roman 1st Century Poet A couple of years ago, Ira Glass, the Host of This American Life, began his show by interviewing 3 High School freshman students. Specifically interviewing them while they were posting a selfie on Instagram. In a year with stiff competition, I can’t think of much that made me sadder [Read More…]

Shame On You: A Community of the Shamed

A little over a year ago, Monica Lewinsky took to a public stage once more. This time on purpose. She stood in front of some of the world’s brightest minds and most progressive thinkers and did the impossible. She talked about what everyone already knew about her but in polite society would never mention. Lewinsky’s [Read More…]

Shame On You: Family Ties

If the Bible were ever made into a movie, there are certain parts of it I wouldn’t watch. I would love to see Jesus talk to the woman at the well. I would love to see God part the Red Sea for Moses, or see Elijah call down fire from Heaven. But the Bible is raw, and wild, [Read More…]