The darkness is now before me,

I try to close my mind,

Can’t imagine the destruction,

Or the reasons why,


The war hasn’t settled,

In fact it grows quite near,

Before I seek my freedom,

I have to face my fears,


Why can’t there be peace,

In the world we hold so dear,

Do we have to carry on,

With our aggravated sneers,


Why can’t we live forever,

In the shadow of this man,

To deliver out his message,

To hold peace throughout the land,

Peace by GDJ @ Pixabay
Peace by GDJ @ Pixabay


Seems after all we do,

It’s no better than yesterday,

We keep trying to get ahead,

Always being led astray,


Can we keep this up,

When our bridges have been burned,

Contradictions going on,

And the lesson’s not been learned,


An open heart is reaching,

And this is what I seek,

Hope, anticipation

For all mankind will meet,


The day when wars will stop,

For this is what we seek,

We’ll all embrace as one,

The world will be at peace.

(c) 2013

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