Premonitions: Should you be paying attention?

Premonitions!  Ever think about how these affect our every day lives?  This is such an interesting topic for me as I’ve experienced them since I can remember! What are they?  Can they occur in dreams?  Should you take them seriously and be paying attention to your premonitions?  So many questions, and so many answers, thanks to V!

V writes:

Hi Jay,  I started getting premonitions as a child.  Lately the premonitions sometimes come from my dad who passed away on my 20th birthday.  Any recommendations of links or books to read regarding premonitions.  Apparently my great grandmother had this ability and has been passed from generation to generation.  At one time I was told I had a family curse. My premonitions are visions or almost daydream like.  Always negative things are seen.  Not sure how to control or turn it off as it is draining to be around people and see negative:  things such as cheating husband, specific arguments, job problems on and on.

Thanks, V

Recommended read:  Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Dreams & Premonitions

Photo Credit:  Radioactive-Leak by Darksouls1 @ Pixabay

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