Gratitude and the ‘Buddha Brain’

A”buddha brain” is one that knows how to be deeply happy, loving, and wise. We develop ourselves in this way by cultivating wholesome qualities and uprooting unwholesome ones. In a sense, we plant flowers and pull weeds in the garden of the mind – which means that we are gradually changing the brain for the better.

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Feeling Cared About

The practice of feeling cared about is really good if you’ve felt excluded, left out, hurt, unappreciated, or maybe something didn’t go well in a relationship recently. Or perhaps things are coming up from previous relationships – even going all the back to childhood – in which you felt like you didn’t matter enough to

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Simple Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday

The holidays are a time of year when our stress-levels tend to rise, despite our desire to enjoy the season and the people in our lives. So I’d like to offer you a few simple tips for taking care of your body, emotions, thoughts and actions, to minimize holiday stress this season. In your body,

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Enjoy The Freedom Not To

Do you got to? The Practice: Enjoy the freedom not to. Why? We’re pulled and prodded by financial pressures, commuter traffic, corporate policies, technology, advertising, politics, and the people we work with and live with. As well, internal forces yank the proverbial chains, including emotional reactions, compelling desires, “shoulds,” and internalized “voices” from parents and

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The Mindfulness Movie

The Mindfulness Movie is a powerful and fascinating exploration of the essence and modern applications of mindfulness practices.

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“Peace is a global sense of serenity and ease, with no need to struggle with anything. You may be aware of dangers or challenges, but no fleeing or fighting is present in your mind, no fear or anger. Feeling at peace inside, you are peaceable with others.” *Excerpted from, Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of

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Enjoy Sobriety

Out of balance? The Practice: Enjoy sobriety. Why? By “sobriety,” I mean healthy self-control, a centered enjoyment of life, and an inner freedom from drivenness. We typically apply this sense of balance and self-care to things like food, drugs and alcohol, sexuality, money, and risky behaviors. And if you like, you could bring sobriety to

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“Love is a deep, powerful, often intense feeling of affection, caring, sweetness, and commitment. It is usually applied to others, though it is possible to feel love for the natural world, humanity as a whole, God (in whatever way you experience or imagine this), and oneself. Whether you feel loved or feel loving, love is love,

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Dealing with Holiday Stress

What does it mean to have a simple holiday? For me it means having realistic expectations about what you can actually get done, and not over-committing. Alongside, keeping a sense of perspective and humor about the madness of parking lot traffic jams, weird in-law vibes, crazed children jacked up on sugar and other stimulants, packed

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Truly Happy Holidays – Spreecast

I did free video broadcast on Monday, November 25 at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern about Truly Happy Holidays. I covered some simple tips for lowering holiday stress, taking in the good this Thanksgiving, and the importance of Vitamin G: Gratitude! The broad… [Read more...]