A Tale of Two C-SPAN Televised Events

After I listened to Cardinal Dolan’s prayer at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte last week, I couldn’t help but think of Mother Teresa. Surely you remember that little lady’s bold National Prayer Breakfast speech. Peggy Noonan tells the story of the woman sitting next to her who wrote a laundry list instead of listened. I guess that’s what you’ve got to do if you’re not going to confront the cultural evils in our midst.

I wrote about it a bit here. Tell me if you agree, if you don’t see some peacemaking possible. Where the harshness calms and progress happens. Mind you, I’m not Pollyanna here. I think it will only get harsher too. But if some of us can take a few steps back and try to be really truly Christian, we may reach more people.

You can watch Blessed Teresa here. (Thank you, C-SPAN!)

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  • LadyBird

    It was a beautiful reflection that I shared with a fellow Catholic with whom I disagree. It’s difficult to be charitable when the other person supports the indefensible, a president who is for abortion, even late term. Yours is a reminder that it is possible with the two examples you gave us, Mother Theresa and Cardinal Nolan. I will continue to search for kind ways to disagree. Pope Benedict is my other hero, too. His venture into Lebanon was the most Christ-like moment and witness to faith over violence. Thanks for the inspiration.