Are You a Catholic in New England Who Feels Called to Defend the Church in the Public Square?

Read and pray about the upcoming Catholic Voices USA training in Massachusetts in March.

An article in the Pilot newspaper in Boston explains more.

Catholic Voices trains Catholics from all walks of life to make the case for the Church in media and other public venues. It seeks to be an apostolate of loving Christian communication. It is inspired by a model that got started in London and my goodness has it had an uplifting start in the U.S. over the last months. So many wonderful, humble, laborers in the vineyards, working to rebuild Catholic culture one family at a time, one vocation at a time, just want a little more catechesis, a little more practice, a little more confidence at communications. A little Christian community. Practice and practical advice on what can be reasonable accomplished during a three-minute radio or TV interview.

If this sounds like your call, check it out. See you there?

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