We Will Always Need a Savior

A friend shared earlier today that her young son asked if he could start Lent over again. Indeed! We’ll fall, but we can get back up! Knowing we are failing, wanting to be better, means we know we need a Savior.

And thanks be to God we have one.

On Sunday we heard the Gospel about the temptation in the desert. A priest in Washington State reflects:

the Church places before us St. Luke’s version of the temptation of Christ. He tells us that Jesus fasted for 40 days “and when they were over he was hungry.” It is important that only then, after Jesus was done fasting, that the devil tempted Jesus. He had been waiting and watching the whole time, and only tempted Jesus after He had accomplished his fast. Not successful, St. Luke tells us that the devil “departed for a time”; he would be watching and waiting until the Passion, when once again he would come out for his final attack.

Do we really think that he will do anything different against us?
As we begin Lent, we have probably already begun feeling the pinch of our penitential practices. If we are faithful to them, we will be more joyful and free to truly celebrate the Easter mysteries after Lent is over. Yet, we should be aware that we will not only be tempted now, during Lent, but also–and especially–at Easter. The struggle against sin is never over for us before we ourselves pass through the Paschal Mystery. At every moment, we must rely on the strength provided by God, not trusting in our own strength. We will always need a Savior.
The Good News is not that we have a Savior. It is that He has us. For that, we should be most humbly grateful. As we move along this Lenten journey, please join me in pleading for our Church and for the world, and for our parish, that we may all be faithful to the Risen Christ and to the faith we have received.

God bless us this Lent as we pray that we decrease and He increases in our lives.

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