We Are All in St. Peter’s Square Today

One mom’s practical — and mystical — observation:

From St. Peter, our first pope and disciple of Jesus, to Pope Francis, our 266th, somehow, through the grace of God and the Holy Spirit, a little preschooler from Wausau, Wisconsin is profoundly united in this historical, spiritual moment, with every single Catholic saint and sinner, who came before her and all Catholics yet to be born.

Today, the eyes of the world are all on Rome. I will remind my children that as Catholics, at the heart of the spectacle and the splendor is the Mass: an ancient ritual that Jesus taught his best friends during the Last Supper, the day before He died on the cross. The Mass, the Holy Eucharist – this too belongs to sweet, little Paloma.

From Rome to Wausau, the miracles endure.

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