Yo Yo Yo See Me Chillaxed with Da Pope? Yeah!

NBC reports that Pope Francis posed for a “selfie” yesterday with a group of kids, “following in the footsteps of stars like Rihanna, Madonna and Justin Bieber,” even if he has failed to post it to his Twitter account like the celebs do.

My understanding, from links provided by NBC, is that a “selfie,” as seems obvious, “means photographing oneself, usually on a telephone camera held at arm’s length.” The hot blue-encased phone seems clearly not the pope’s. And he’s not taking the picture. So … it’s not a selfie. But the story’s not as good if you can’t include Rihanna?

The file it under “Too Good to Factcheck” aspect of the item was amusing. And it is an endearing photo, indicative of the pastor.

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