Why Church?

How much do I love the Church? Do I pray for her? Do I feel part of the family of the Church? What am I doing to make it a community in which everyone feels welcomed and understood, feels God’s mercy and love that renews life? Pope Frances posed these questions during his Wednesday audience [Read More...]

A Culture of Piercing Wounds


I wish people listened to Cardinal Dolan’s Catholic Channel Sirius XM radio show like they watch The Voice or The Today Show — or whatever the top rated shows are these days. It’s an hour, so it affords him more time than a sound bite, a quote picked up in the New York Times — [Read More...]

The Playground on the Top of the Mountain

Peter Kreeft has a practical reflection on the rules the Gospel proposes and what they’re aiming at: our eternal joy. It’s a good introduction and refresher on discernment. Read it and share it with someone in your life. He writes, in part: God’s law is short. He gave us ten commandments, not ten thousand. Why? [Read More...]

Reality Check

Philadelphia’s Archbishop Chaput writes: Anyone who thinks that our country’s neuralgic sexuality issues can somehow be worked out respectfully in the public square in the years ahead without a parallel and vigorous defense of religious freedom had better think again. [Read more...]

People Need to Be Touched By the Lord

We must open doors, Pope Francis implored at Mass this morning. He said that “the people God are always asking for something closer to Jesus, they are sometimes a bit insistent in this. But it is the insistence of those who believe.” Those who truly love and long for Him can keep us honest if/when [Read More...]

Still Running the Race

Yesterday on The Catholic Channel on SiriusXM, Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul Coakley talked about remarkable resiliency of the people in Moore, Oklahoma. He talked about meeting a 94-year-old woman whose home was destroyed in the tornado this week. This was the second time he had a home destroyed in a tornado, the firs ttime was [Read More...]

Commencement Day Was Mother’s Day at Notre Dame


During his commencement address at Notre Dame University on Pentecost Sunday, Cardinal Dolan reminded Notre Dame of its best: It’s Notre Dame. In his commencement address yesterday, he said: Here at Notre Dame we do not strive to be like Harvard or Oxford, but like Bethlehem, Nazareth, Cana, Calvary, and the Upper Room at Pentecost [Read More...]

I Will Always Love You, Pentecost Sunday Edition

I’m officially excited about Pentecost. Some of the readings of the last week have been amazing, haven’t they? Oh, that Gospel According to John! That’s apostolic writing! It conveys Christ’s love for us and the love that is the Trinity in the most penetrating ways. If we really enter into the Gospel this week, how [Read More...]